Audio Recording

How to Remove Background Noise in a Voice Recording on iOS 14

Do you record your voice or other external audio on your iPhone using the built-in Voice Memos app? If so, you’ll often find yourself wanting to remove the ground noise during post-processing to shine the recorded audio. Thankfully, you don’t got to believe third-party software to get this done anymore, as you’ll quickly remove ground […]

How to Record Gameplay in Game Sound and Commentary at the Same Time

If you’re going to be releasing a streamed version of your gameplay video you’ll have an interest in recording voice to play over top of game audio. audio recording then dubbing the sounds on top of the gameplay are often a difficult task especially if you are not that conversant in recording game audio and […]

How to Make an Audio Recording Using Quicktime Player

Recording drums is widely considered one of the trickiest skills to learn for a studio engineer. this is often because there’s tons of equipment to line up, specific techniques to understand , and a lot of tuning involved! The drum set is that the most time-consuming instrument to record, so it’s important to require an […]

How to Record Using Windows Sound Recorder

Windows comes with a sound recorder program that permits you to record, edit and playback your voice or audio from a recorded device. You’ll configure and enhance the audio sent to your computer to get the simplest possible audio quality. The Sound Recorder program differs supported which version of the OS that you simply are […]

How to Extract Audio CD Using VLC Player

This teaches you ways to save lots of an audio CD’s contents as one music file on your computer by using VLC Media Player’s audio extraction feature. The extracted audio file will only be playable with VLC media player. Installing VLC 1 Go to VLC Media Player’s download site. Do so by typing into […]

How to Compose Music Using GarageBand

This is teaching you ways to make a basic instrumental track in GarageBand on your Mac. Creating a replacement File 1 Open GarageBand. Click the GarageBand app icon, which resembles a guitar. you will find it within the Launchpad or within the Applications folder. 2 Click File. It’s within the upper-left corner of the GarageBand […]

How to Record Sound Produced by Your Sound Card

If you discover some good music online and need to record the audio or songs, how are you able to do this? Most sound recorder software pick up audio stream from your microphone aside from the sound card, just like the stock voice recorder in Windows 10. See how you’ll record sound in Windows 10 […]

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