Audio Systems

How to Set Up Your AirPods

AirPods are Apple’s wireless earbuds introduced in 2017 for listening to music, making phone calls, and more. This will show you how to set up your AirPods. How to Set Up Your New AirPods AirPods, introduced last December, are Apple’s completely wire-free earphones that have a W1 chip inside for easy pairing between devices.AirPods work […]

How to Determine the Quality of a Stereo

The issue of audio quality measurement has been a long-standing debate in many forums. A number of the commonly asked questions by participants in this debate include. In an attempt to form audio devices work to desired standards, designers and engineers within the sound industry make use of metrics like frequency response, echo, distortion, noise […]

How to Use EQ to Make Your Lead Vocals Shine

It is widely accepted within the world of professional audio that when it involves mixing songs, making the lead vocal shine above everything else is paramount. Certainly, the opposite instruments during a song are important, and a solid arrangement is indeed desirable and appreciated; however, the singer often bears the responsibility of conveying the general […]

How to Clean Vintage Stereo Equipment

Buying vintage stereo equipment is a hobby that can quickly turn into an obsessive and overwhelming collection. The look, feel, and tone of vintage audio components have a unique charm, and these components often rival much more expensive, newer models in their quality. Unfortunately, old and neglected components are often found in pretty rough shape, […]

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