Download Google Stock ROM – Flash File (Latest Firmware)

Here you can Download Latest Stock ROM (Flash File) for any Google phone. Use this Firmware to fix all mobile related issues. If you would like to use your old cell phone with a replacement carrier, you’ll got to skills to flash a phone. Flashing is additionally mentioned as reprogramming. You’ll also take your phone […]

How to Make a Three Way Phone Call

Back within the old days, that they had “party lines,” when several houses were connected to an equivalent phone line. Those days are mostly gone, but having a few people on the line remains a party! Nearly all phones are capable of creating three-way calls, and most plans provide for a conference call. If you […]

Connecting Wireless Computer Speakers (Bluetooth)

If you’re a laptop owner, chances are you’ve found that the built in speakers leave tons to be desired. If you watch movies or listen to music through your laptop, buying a group of computer speakers will greatly improve your experience. Whether you decide to travel wireless or persist with USB or a 3.5mm (1/8″) […]

How to Measure Speaker Impedance

Most speakers are either 4-ohm, 6-ohm, 8-ohm or 16-ohm speakers. Ohms are a measure of impedance, which represents the quantity of power the speaker draws. Impedance is equal to voltage divided by current. this means that a 4-ohm speaker draws more current than a 6-ohm speaker; more current gives it more power and typically enables […]

How to Record Your Voice on a Windows Computer

There are some occasions when you need to record voice on computer. for example, record an article for your video tutorial, or record a web interview/meeting on your PC. But the way to do that? Well, follow this guide and you’ll quickly find out how to record voice on computer, whether or not you’ve got […]

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