How to Write a Fictional Blog

Most people are familiar with the concept of an internet blog, which tends to reveal something a few writer’s lifestyle or hobbies, his or her interest in celebrities, politics, or other matters, or another chronicle of real-world events. But blogs also are increasingly getting used as a replacement format for fiction, starting from an imagined […]

How to Run a Blog for Your Creative Business

No matter what your creative business entails, creating a blog for it can help. It’s going to appear to be extra work, but an honest blog expands the reach of your business, allowing you to speak about what you’re keen on and hook up with potential customers on a private level. To run a successful […]

How to Monetize Your Blog

Making money through blogging is an incredible opportunity — who doesn’t want to observe income altogether day after writing an excellent post? However, like most money-making schemes, monetizing your blog requires far more work than you’d think. There are many strategies for monetizing a blog, and tons of places to suit your unique voice. So […]

How to Make Money Writing Blogs or Editing Wiki Pages

When the blogs were first introduced, they were considered glorified digital magazines and journals. However, within the past, money-making and gaining incredible profits from blogging was never the target. But with the evolution of the digital atmosphere and therefore the change in reasons for blogging, the blogging landscape has changed to a way greater extent. […]

How to Become a Top Writer on Medium – Your Top Questions Answered

Medium may be a place for writers to share their stories, thoughts, and musings during a community that values independent and unique perspectives. Without the distraction of outside advertisements or sponsorships, Medium focuses on substance and authenticity. Top Writer status on Medium is one among the simplest designations you’ll earn on the independent writing platform. […]

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