Media Access Control (MAC) Addresses

How to Enable MAC Address Filtering

Enabling MAC address filtering lets only devices with specific MAC addresses to attach to your router. This teaches you ways to enable MAC address filtering on your router. steps Step 1: Open the online browser and sort or IP address within the address bar (default is or Press Enter. The username and […]

How to Change MAC Address on Ubuntu

In many places or public facilities like library , university, airport, restaurant, and even mini market, there could be a free Wifi access so we will connect to the web with our laptop. Unfortunately, most of that free stuff comes with limitation for every connection (time limited or bandwidth limited). Once you reached the limit, […]

How to Turn Off MAC Filtering

MAC (Multimedia Access Control) addresses are unique sets of codes assigned to electronic devices that identify the devices on a network. MAC filters work by either allowing or denying only specific MAC addresses. MAC filters are an excellent security measure; however, if your network must be open to public or guests, or you’re adding and […]

How to Change a Computer’s Mac Address in Windows

The reasons derive from the utilization of the MAC address in network management. The MAC address identifies the device connected to a network and allows the network to trace, restrict or allow access supported it. If you would like to assign a static IP address, your router identifies and assigns the static IP address supported […]

How to Find a Mac Address on an iPhone

A MAC (or Media Access Control) address may be a set of unique codes assigned to a network device to spot it on a network. MAC addresses are usually used for fixing security protocols on an online connection network. Since iPhones have the potential to attach to those sorts of networks, it therefore has its […]

How to Find the MAC Address of Your Computer

Every device that connects to the web features a Media Access Control (MAC) address. A MAC address may be a series of letters and numbers that identifies the network adapter to other hardware on a network. The address is formed from 12 characters (6 pairs), typically separated by colons or hyphens. If you would like […]

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