How to Create an Ubuntu Server on Amazon Web Services

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud ) is a component of the “Compute” service in AWS (Amazon Web Services). EC2 is nothing but a VM (Virtual Machine) in AWS. It’s an internet service of AWS using which a user can create a VM (EC2 Instance) whenever needed as per the need. The user can rent a VM […]

How to Backup and Restore from NAS with AOMEI Backupper

The full name of NAS is network attached storage, which may be a device provides its users with great convenience. it’s often used as file share device by small business users which will not bear the expensive price of SAN and need to scale back backup and restoring cost. NAS backup means backup your PCs […]

How to Set up an FTP Server on Windows XP Professional

In case you’re trying to find a free FTP server to do file transfer, then you’ll make use of ftp server that comes with Windows XP Professional. I need you to remember of this, FTP server is sweet to do file transfer and copying, but the disadvantage is that the communication traffic is shipped without […]

How to Install Jenkins

Jenkins is one among the foremost popular tools for continuous integration and continuous delivery on any platform. As a Java application, Jenkins has many plugins for automating almost everything at the infrastructure level. The utilization of Jenkins has widely increased rapidly thanks to an upscale set of functionalities, which it provides within the sort of […]

How to Build a LAMP Server

The overwhelming majority of the online is contained in third-party servers from companies like, Amazon, DigitalOcean, and Google. For a relatively low cost, you’ll spin-up a virtual server inside one among their massive data warehouses. For many of my projects I exploit DigitalOcean, mainly because their’ VMs are easy to line up, the interface on […]

How Use ngrok in Windows (2020)

Ngrok may be a command-line software that permits developers to use their local server on the web . This will teach you ways to use ngrok in Windows. Method 1 Downloading ngrok attend you’ll use any browser to download ngrok. Click Download for Windows. A .zip file will download. Double-click the downloaded file. Many […]

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