Mobile Operating Systems

How to Uninstall Amazon Assistant on Android

Amazon Assistant is an application that’s alleged to improve shopping on Amazon. The add-on offers price comparisons, provides discounts and various shopping deals. Despite the very fact that it’s a legitimate browser extension, it’d cause various unwanted activities when browsing the online or appear within the browser out of nowhere. Many users report that they’re […]

How to Make an Android App With App Creation Software

The Android mobile app market is booming, and there hasn’t been a far better time to form an app. Apps are everywhere, and serve nearly limitless purposes. A few years ago, creating an app meant learning complex programming languages and creating everything from scratch. As app technology has progressed, new tools became available that allow […]

This App Can’t Be Activated by the Built-in Administrator

This teaches the way to fix the “This App cannot be activated by the built-in Administrator” error that happens once you attempt to start some apps as an administrator in Windows 8 and 10, usually caused by problems with the User Account Control settings. Method 1 Adjusting UAC Settings Click the beginning button. You’ll also […]

How to Make a Phone Call from Computer with Mobile Partner

Today with the proliferation of fast home networking services (Fibre Optic), wireless 4G speeds and faster devices which will double up as modems via tethering, it’s likely that you’ve long relegated your once lifesaver of a modem to lighter duties – that of gathering dust in some unknown drawer. I still got mine though it’s […]

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