How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers with AirPlay

Play audio on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 11.4 or later, or a Mac with macOS Catalina or later. Then use AirPlay to stream that audio to your AirPlay-compatible speakers or smart TVs. To stream audio to multiple speakers with AirPlay 2, simply select multiple AirPlay 2-compatible speakers or smart TVs. To […]

How to Send Files from Your Computer to Your Mobile Phone Via Bluetooth

If you’ve got files on your Android phone that you simply want to download onto your Windows 10 PC (or upload from your computer to your phone) but you don’t have a USB cable handy, sharing over Bluetooth may be a quick and easy option. Bluetooth transfers can also are available handy if you’ve got […]

How to Turn on Bluetooth on PC or Mac

When you first bought your Windows PC, you were likely excited about its ability to attach to Bluetooth. But you continue to haven’t quite found out the way to activate the feature, so you’ll pair your Bluetooth wireless mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headphones, or the other Bluetooth-capable devices you’ll consider using […]

How to Turn Any Device Into a Bluetooth Receiver Using Raspberry Pi

Bluetooth may be a popular low powered wireless technology that’s designed for sharing data between two devices over a short distance. Learning the way to interact with Bluetooth devices on your Raspberry Pi is an important task with the ever-increasing number of wireless devices. A wide variety of devices now implement Bluetooth. These devices range […]

How to Connect Beats to Bluetooth

If you’ve just bought a new pair of Beats headphones, you are going to require to start listening directly. Unfortunately, new headphones mean browsing the pairing process again. Luckily, pairing Beats may be a breeze. They’re a bit like the other Bluetooth headphones, so you’ll pair them like all other device. Beats can pair with […]

How to Sync Plantronics Headset

Syncing, or pairing, your Plantronics audio device to a mobile device, like a phone or tablet, is easy via Bluetooth. Steps 1 confirm your headset is charged. depending on your headset model, the facility light should be lighting up solidly—meaning it’s lit up but not flashing—when the headset is fully charged. Depending on the model […]

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