How To Add Your Business To GPS

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Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are getting a chief advertising device for businesses. By including your enterprise as a Place of Interest (POI) in GPS mapping directories, clients can locate you of their car, on their phone, and on-line. To discover the way to upload your enterprise to GPS for free, simply log onto the mapping businesses’ internet websites and input your POI.

Report your enterprise to primary mapping businesses

There are numerous primary mapping businesses from which GPS producers pull records. List your enterprise with all of them, as a few GPS gadgets use exceptional databases.

Gather your enterprise records

The minimal records required is an enterprise call, cope with and make contact with number. Some mapping websites permit you to add pictures and movies as well.

Get internet addresses of every mapping enterprise

The primary mapping businesses from which GPS producers pull records are NAVTEQ, Tele Atlas, Express Update with the aid of using Info USA and Google Maps. Use keywords “upload POI” and call to locate the submission web page of every mapping enterprise. For example, “NAVTEQ upload POI.”

Report your enterprise to all the primary mapping businesses

Some GPS gadgets use exceptional databases, so including your enterprise to every on will assist make sure it will become a POI on GPS.

  • Look for the Add POI or Edit POI hyperlink on every internet web page. You may additionally see a Point of Interest box, click on that. On NAVTEQ, appearance for “Point of Interest is missing.”
  • Enter your enterprise cope with and hit “seek.” Check the map that looks to ensure the area is correct. If now no longer, drag the indicator on your genuine area.
  • Add your enterprise records. The web page will show a display displaying you the enterprise records you simply brought as a GPS Point of Interest.


  • If you’ve got an enterprise with a couple of listings, each NAVTEQ Direct Access and ContentLink with the aid of using TeleAtlas provide uplinks for a couple of locations.
  • On Google Maps, you may best listing a enterprise which corresponds with the IP cope with from that you are getting into the records. So for multi-countrywide businesses, someone from the United States of every keep area will should list the area one at a time in case your businesses makes use of the net submission method. Contact Google Maps through e-mail for a couple of global listings.


  • There are numerous websites on-line that fee to listing your enterprise. The primary mapping businesses do now no longer free, so if there’s a charge related to listing, seek elsewhere.
How To Add Your Business To GPS

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