How To Address A Letter To A Judge

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You can deal with maximum judges on the beginning of a letter as “Dear Judge” (or “Dear Justice” in the event that they serve in a U.S. nation or federal Supreme Court, or in sure courts of different countries). When addressing the envelope, it’s far excellent to apply the decides complete identify, at the side of the whole call of the courtroom docket wherein he/she serves. If you do now no longer understand a decides identify, you could frequently discover it via way of means of looking for the decides call online.

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Writing a Letter to a Judge

letter to a judge

Write the date and the decides deal with inside the pinnacle left. Use left aligned textual content to write down brand-new date, observed via way of means of the decides complete deal with. If you aren’t positive the way to lay out this, see the phase on addressing to decide at the envelope.

Write “Dear Judge (surname),” to start the letter. For nearly all judges, write “Dear Judge” observed via way of means of the decides closing call to start the letter. Write this on its personal line, observed via way of means of a comma.

  • Address justices of the United Kingdom Supreme Court as “Dear (Lord/Lady) (surname)” alternatively.
  • If writing to a U.S. nation or federal Supreme Court, use “Dear Justice” alternatively.
  • If a decides identify is “Chief Judge” or “Chief Justice,” you could use that identify alternatively. “Judge” or “Justice” is likewise acceptable.

Addressing a Judge at the Envelope

Start the deal with at the envelope with “The Honorable (complete call).” For example, at the envelope addressed to Judge John Matthew Pool, write “The Honorable John M. Pool.” You will want to consist of a 2d line with the decides identify, so do now no longer write the courtroom docket deal with yet.

  • In the UK and plenty of Commonwealth nations, judges are frequently addressed on envelopes as “(His/Her) Hon Judge (surname)” or “(His/Her) Hon (Mr/Mrs) Judge (surname)” alternatively.
  • If the decide is a United States Supreme Court justice, alternatively write “Justice (surname).” If addressing the leader justice of that courtroom docket, presently John Roberts, write “The Chief Justice of the United States” with out a call.

Making Sure You Can Write a Letter to the Judge

Do now no longer write an ex parte communication. If you’re a plaintiff or defendant in a case, you must now no longer ship a letter to to decide who’s dealing with your case. That letter could be an ex parte communication, that’s prohibited. Judges can not interact in ex parte communications due to the fact they want to determine a case pretty primarily based totally handiest at the arguments and proof offered in courtroom docket.

  • “Ex parte” approach “on one facet handiest; via way of means of or for one party.”

File a written movement with the clerk of courtroom docket

In addition to submitting with the clerk of courtroom docket, you may additionally need to serve the movement to all the events with inside the case. In your movement, you may provide an explanation for to the courtroom docket what remedy you want. Explain what remedy you are looking for and why you’re entitled to that remedy.

  • “Relief” approach what you’re asking the courtroom docket to do.
How To Address A Letter To A Judge

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