How to Apply Anointing Oil

Here you can get information about How to Apply Anointing Oil. In many faiths, the tactic of anointing someone by blessing olive oil and applying it during prayer has been wont to help the sick and therefore the ailing. you’ll use anointing oil on yourself, your loved ones, and your home by using prayer and therefore the word of your God to bless you and people around you.

Although applying anointing oil can seem intimidating, the foremost important part is to call upon your faith and therefore the faith of these around you.

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Blessing Yourself and Others

Place alittle amount of oil during a container. Historically, anointing oil was placed during a metal container with a sponge. you’ll use whatever you’ve got available, like a plastic or ceramic bowl. Pour out alittle amount of your anointing oil to form it easier to access.

Tip: If you’d like a historically accurate container, most religious bookstores sell the metal containers with a sponge.

Wipe your right thumb within the anointing oil. Carefully dip the pad of your right thumb into the oil. confirm an honest amount sticks to the tip of your thumb. await a couple of seconds to permit any drips of excess oil fall off back to the container.

  • The proper hand is taken into account holy and using it’s going to bring you closer to God.

Draw a cross with the oil within the middle of the person’s forehead. Ask the person you’re anointing to step or kneel on the brink of you. Use your oil-dipped thumb to draw alittle cross within the middle of their forehead.

  • Be gentle as you are doing this to convey a way of peacefulness.
  • Never anoint someone without their explicit permission.
  • you’ll also anoint yourself by applying the oil to your own forehead.

Cross the anointing oil over any sick or injured areas. If someone is sick or injured, they’ll have asked you to specifically bless that area of their body. Use your thumb to carefully draw a cross over the world that the person has trouble with. this might be a broken bone, a cold , or maybe a full-body disease.[4]

  • If the person’s entire body is sick, you’ll draw the cross over their forehead.

Bless yourself or the opposite person within the name of God. As you draw the cross, say a brief blessing to anoint the person or yourself with the Holy Ghost . you’ll say your own blessing or use one from the church.

  • Say something like, “Robby Helvey, I anoint you with this oil within the name of the daddy, the Son, and therefore the holy spirit.”

Pray for any specific needs. Ask the person who you’re anointing what ails them or believe what must change in your life. you’ll pray about health, employment status, or general well-being. Make this prayer specific to the person who you’re anointing.

  • Your prayer can sound something like, “God, I ask that you simply bless Robby today and help him together with his unemployment status. Please let him find an honest , well-paying job soon to supply for his family.”

How to use the Anointing Oil

Personally, I even have anointing oil on hand but this is often not something i use all the time. I actually only use it when the Lord tells me to use it.

So, let’s say you would like to receive dreams and visions from God, you’ll anoint the temple/side of your head or your forehead and pray asking Him to offer you dreams before you attend bed. You can also do an equivalent things over your eyelids if you’re praying to ascertain within the spirit realm. To receive the gift of healing you’ll anoint the palms of your hand.

Or if you’re being commissioned to write down a book you’ll anoint your hands also before you begin writing. The idea is to anoint the world where you would like the empowerment, or impartation. The same applies if you’re praying over someone who is sick you’ll anoint that area if it’s appropriate, of course.

How to Anoint Your Home

We wrote a post before about cleansing your home before selling it, this post are often used if you are feeling you’ve got evil spirits/demons in your home. If you’re feeling the atmosphere is negative you’ll read it here. it’s the prayers and says the way to do that if you are feeling you’ve got evil entities. Follow the instructions, it works!

If you don’t have any demonic spirits in your home then the anointing process is far easier because you’re not chasing anything out but you’re praying a blessing and covering over your home in order that nothing enters in. consider it as Moses telling the Israelites to place the blood over their doorposts in order that when the angel of death visited the land it might skip them. this is often an equivalent principle. Given our current climate, God impressed upon me to write down this post because a number of you’ll got to be doing this during this season. You’ll know when it’s time to try to to it.

Here’s what you are doing , take the anointing oil and over every window and door to your house just put the sign of the cross within the corner of it. You don’t got to put it within the center from top to bottom or anything like that. Next thing you recognize , winter rolls around and your visitors are seeing an enormous congealed oil mark on your windows and doors! LOL Truly, take it easy. Putting it within the corner is ok . Today, Jews use a mezuzah at their door and it’s not that big.

How to prepare and pray over the oil

1. If you’ll buy a separate bottle of oil for this purpose please do so. If not, pour some into a separate bottle. very similar to what was shared on the communion elements this is often getting to be consecrated oil once you are done. Set apart just for the needs of anointing yourself, your home or others and shouldn’t be used for love or money else.

2. If you’ll have a pastor or someone senior from your church pray over your oil you’ll do this . this manner you recognize it’s done and you’ve got it able to go.

3. If you don’t have a pastor to do it for you then you’ll roll in the hay yourself. once you have separated it take the highest (the cover) off the bottle and leave it out/open as you worship God. So in your worship you’re inviting the presence of God into the space . once you sense the holy spirit as you’re worshiping and praising God you’re creating the atmosphere for that oil to be blessed. So, worship until you are feeling the holy spirit is within the room. Again it’s making yourself conscious of His presence as you worship. once you feel the presence of the Lord now you’ll pray over it. And it’s a really simple prayer.

Then you can continue worshiping God.  When you’re finished you cover the bottle and that is it.  If God blesses it, it is blessed.


  • Using anointing oil is all about blessing yourself, other people, or your home. Use prayer to make this oil holy and invite God into your life.
How to Apply Anointing Oil

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