How to Apply for an American B 1 Visitor Visa for Business

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Foreign residents who want to go to the US briefly for enterprise might also additionally practice for a B-1 visitor’s visa. Normally, the B-1 visa lets in an overseas country wide to go to the US for six months at a time, with a couple of entries allowed. Although the reason of the B-1 visa is for “enterprise,” an overseas country wide in B-1 fame won’t be paid for paintings done.

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If you practice for a B-1/B-2 visa, you ought to exhibit to a consular officer which you qualify for a U.S. visa according to the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Section 214(b) of the INA presumes that each B-1/B-2 applicant is a proceeding immigrant. You ought to triumph over this felony presumption with the aid of using showing:

  • That the reason of your journey to the US is for a transient go to, along with enterprise, pleasure, or scientific treatment
  • That you propose to stay with inside the United States for a specific, restrained length of time
  • Evidence of finances to cowl your prices at the same time as with inside the United States

Verifying in case you are Eligible for a B-1 Visa


Don’t practice for a B-1 visa in case you are searching for employment. B-1 visas do now no longer authorize employment on a quick time period or long time basis. If you propose on receiving charge from a US agency or charge due to promoting US products, you’ll want to use for a distinctive form of visa.

Preparing to your Interview

File the nonimmigrant visa application, or Form DS-160. This shape broadcasts your reason to go into the US, however now no longer stay right here permanently. This shape may be filed on-line via the Department of State’s website. Once it’s been filed, print out the affirmation web page and produce it to the interview.

Extending Your Stay

Make positive you’re eligible. Most of the traffic with inside the US on a B-1 visa will now no longer be mechanically disqualified from making use of for an extension. However, there are a few situations to preserve in mind:

  • Your passport ought to nonetheless be valid.
  • You ought to have now no longer overstayed your gift visa.
  • You ought to now no longer have devoted any crimes at some point of your stay.
  • you ought to were eligible for a visa with inside the first place.
  • You ought to now no longer have violated any of the opposite situations of the unique visa.
How to Apply for an American B 1 Visitor Visa for Business

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