How To Ask A Customer For Identification In The UK

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Since July 1st the Under 25 coverage has got here into impact throughout the UK, which means Employees will now usually be checking for ID for anybody seems to be beneath neath 25. This manual will display you the way to professionally and maturely ask a person for identification.

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Remind customers of the policy


If you get a chance, remind clients of the coverage. If there’s no person ready to be served on the till, attempt to get a second to have a look at your alcohol aisle. If there’s anybody surfing the alcohol, and looks to appearance beneath neath 25, method them and courteously remind them of the coverage. Either they’ve their ID with them, They realize the coverage, or might not have any ID and could, should come again later with some.

Treat the customer equally

Don’t mechanically anticipate the man or woman is underage and embark on shouting their face off, this simply begs for verbal abuse and rarely, assault. Treat the purchaser like anybody else, while it comes to buying the age associated product, kindly ask for an appropriate shape of identification.

Check the identification

If they do have Identification, cautiously examine their evidence of age, the exceptional suitable IDs are as follows:

  • Provisional or Full Driving License
  • Passport
  • Citizen Card
  • Any different shape of ID with a holographic PASS logo


  • Don’t communicate again to the patron, if they’re refused, preserve your remarks professional. They might also additionally even need you to react in a horrific way, as unhappy because it sounds.
  • You can usually inform the patron the outcomes of an unlawful buy on their behalf, It’s now no longer simply you who could be in trouble.
  • Keep a report of accepted/refused transactions in what’s referred to as the ‘Refusal Book’. This is an EEE book distinctive to recording approved and unauthorized income in order that destiny war of words may be averted.


  • Trading Standards beneath neath age assessments come without caution so that you have to usually be checking for ID.
  • Never verbally or bodily retaliate to an abusive patron, the effects can show worse for you.
  • Under no instances have to you permit your self permit the sale, when you have requested for ID you need to permit or deny primarily based totally on the outcome.
How To Ask A Customer For Identification In The UK

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