How to Ask Your Friend to Pay Back the Money They Owe You

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If you’ve loaned money to a lover , asking them to repay you’ll appear to be a clumsy proposition. However, when handled properly, you’ll reclaim the cash you loaned out without losing the friendship.

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Broaching the topic of Repayment

Remind them kindly. In some cases, your friend really may have forgotten about the cash owed to you. Start by reminding them about the loan. you’ll say something like, “I was happy to offer you that cash last month to assist out, but i used to be hoping you’ll pay me back before my rent is due.” This reminds them that the cash was given and acknowledges that the cash was a loan, just in case that they had misinterpreted the loan as a present .

Find how for them to figure it off

If money is a problem for them, then maybe you’ll find some quite favor they will do to wipe the slate clean. If they seem to be a designer and you would like a logo, can they are doing that for you and call it even? If they fix cars, could they take a glance at yours and provides an honest opinion about work that must be done? Everyone has some quite talent or skill they will provide, and if you would like it, they’ll appreciate the offer.

Think about why you’re lending the cash

If you’re getting to lend your mate money solely for the aim of showing them that you simply care, that you simply value their friendship and need to form sure they’re okay, our advice would be – don’t roll in the hay .

Although this is often incredibly decent of you, you’ll not make this your primary reason for lending them cash (unless you can honestly say that you simply won’t mind if you never see your money again).

Getting the Loan Repaid

Decide what means more to you. In extreme cases, you’ll need to choose from getting your a refund or keeping your friend. this may likely be a difficult decision, but if you’ve put in effort to urge repayment and your friend simply can’t afford to pay you back, it’d be time to consider the loan as a present .

Taking action

Gather your documents. Before you attend court or maybe ask a lawyer, have the maximum amount evidence as possible available. Keep receipts, bank transfers, bank statements, any written agreements you had for repayment, and any emails or letters you’ve shared together with your friend. All of this information could also be important to prove you’re truly owed repayment. In legal cases, the burden of proof always lies with the prosecutor not the defendant, so keeping good records will make it easier to prove your right to repayment.

Lending Wisely

Avoid lending to friends you do not want to lose. Despite your best efforts, you’ll still lose your friend, your money, or both if you lend to a lover . Before you get financially involved your friend, confirm you’re willing to lose them or the quantity of cash you’ve loaned them.


If your friend is spending large amounts of your money on alcohol, drugs, or gambling, get them help. Your friend may have an addiction. If you help them kick their addiction, you’re far more likely to recoup your loan, and most significantly , you’re helping your friend lead a secure , healthy life.
Be prepared for a potentially negative response from your friend. Talking about money can e stressful, embarrassing, and difficult within the better of situations. When it involves lending money to someone you’re friends with, there’s another layer of concern. The potential negative response once you plan to recoup your loan may cause you losing your friend.

How to Ask Your Friend to Pay Back the Money They Owe You

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