How To Avoid Unionization Of A Company

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Employees seek unionization once they perceive the corporate is unfair, unresponsive to employee concerns, and offers substandard working conditions. The National Labor Relations Act forbids employers from interfering with the method of unionization once employees have begun it. However, you’ll avoid unionization of your company by minimizing employee dissatisfaction – specifically, by addressing the key areas that cause employees to unionize within the first place. If your employees believe that they’re well compensated, which you’re aware of their concerns and treat everyone fairly, they’re going to have little incentive to unionize.

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Maintaining Fair and Consistent Policies

Distribute a written employee handbook. Provide all of your employees with a handbook containing all workplace policies, terms, and conditions of employment.

  • Keep up of developments in state and federal labor and employment law, and update your handbook as necessary in order that it complies with all applicable legal requirements.
  • If any provision of your handbook violates state or federal law, a union organizer could use this as evidence that your employees need a union to face up for his or her rights.
  • Your employees are more likely to feel they add a good environment if they know what’s expected of them and understand the policies you’ve established.

Providing Competitive Pay and Benefits

Make claims procedures simple and easy . Benefits like vacation time aren’t real if employees need to jump through hoops to urge them.

If you offer flexible time or large amounts of private or vacation leave, confirm employees aren’t criticized or negatively impacted for taking it. For instance , you’ll offer six months’ leave for brand spanking new parents, but your new parents will seldom cash in of it if they’re looked down upon for doing so, or if new parents in upper management never take quite six weeks off.

Resolving Disputes Effectively

Designate quite one employee to handle complaints. Employees are more likely to report problems if they will ask someone they trust and with whom they feel comfortable.

Beyond providing a way for workers to report problems, it is vital to speak together with your employees regularly and hunt down possible issues that are not being addressed. Many employees are afraid to rock the boat by making a complaint, but if asked, they’re going to tell you a few situations that would potentially become a significant problem if not addressed.

How To Avoid Unionization Of A Company

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