How To Beat a Credit Card Lawsuit

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If you are sued by a credit card company, then you should begin planning your defense directly . You certainly have an honest shot of beating the lawsuit. As many as 90% of all plaintiffs during a mastercard lawsuit have trouble proving that the defendants actually owe them money. to start your defense, closely read the documents the mastercard company sends you.

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How am i able to win my mastercard lawsuit?

Credit card companies expect to win by default. Over 90% of mastercard lawsuits end in default judgement . default judgement happens once you don’t file a solution , your answer is insufficient, or if you don’t show up to a hearing.

Because mastercard companies assume that they’ll win by default, they often don’t put together the paperwork to truly prove their case at trial. that provides you the prospect to defend yourself.

Once you file a solution , your first task is deciding whether the plaintiff really has the evidence necessary to sue you. Collection agencies, for instance , often don’t have real evidence that you simply actually owe a debt. an equivalent goes for companies that have skilled mergers or other reorganizations.

You can request (through the court) that the creditor send you copies of your bills, copies of the assignment of debt to a different party, and copies of the first contract. If they can’t show a replica of the first contract, they’ll not be entitled to interest charges — which will make an enormous difference in your final bill. a replica of the first contract is additionally generally necessary for the creditor to charge you for attorney fees.

Force your creditor to prove that you simply actually do owe them. Take an honest check out the defenses you listed in your answer. Gather all the evidence you’ll to prove that you simply simply don’t owe the debt or that you owe but the creditor is saying .

1. Responding to the Complaint

Read the complaint. Your mastercard company will start the lawsuit by filing a complaint in court. because the party bringing the lawsuit, the mastercard company is that the “plaintiff.” The complaint may be a legal instrument which describes the facts giving rise to the lawsuit. you ought to read the complaint closely.

you furthermore may could be sued by a debt collection company which has bought the debt. The defenses you’ll raise will differ slightly counting on who is suing you. For now, simply read the complaint to seek out out why you’re being sued.

2. Building Your Defense

undergo your financial records. If you’ve got been sued for failure to pay your bill, you ought to attempt to gather evidence that you simply have made payment. you’ll beat the lawsuit if you show you’ve got paid fully .

  • search for cancelled checks. The mastercard company may need cashed your check but applied the cash to a different person’s account. Gather any proof that you simply have paid.
  • Find any correspondence from the mastercard company. it’d have sent you an email stating that it received your payment. If so, you’ll use this email as evidence that you simply paid.

3. Defending Yourself at Trial

Dress appropriately. you ought to look professional and pulled together for your trial. Remember that the judge and jury will form impressions about you immediately, based totally on how you look. you would like to seem as if you’ve got just come from knowledgeable job.

Men should wear suits, if possible. If men don’t have a suit, then they ought to wear dress pants with a collared shirt.
Women should wear pant or skirt suits. Alternately, women can wear a conservative dress or dress pants with a pleasant sweater or blouse.
For more recommendations on dressing your best for court, see Dress for a Court Hearing.

4. Credit Card Lawsuit Case Law of Note

Let’s take a glance at an actual lawsuit, Windsearch, Inc. v. Delafrange, to urge a way of how it works. Windsearch Inc., a debt collection firm, buys mastercard debts and tries to gather on them. Windsearch claims it purchased debt and sued Mr. Delafrange during a city court. They lost because the lacked standing.

Again, they sued this point within the ny State Supreme Court. Mr. Delafrange in his answer claimed that he was the victim of fraud , that Windsearch had insufficient evidence to prove it had actually been assigned the debt, which the statute of limitations had run. At the Supreme Court trial level, Windsearch was granted summary judgement .

Mr. Delafrange appealed on the idea of the statute of limitations. The record shows the bank was incorporated in Delaware, meaning the suit was bound by Delaware’s three-year statute of limitations, not New York’s more liberal six-year statute. Because Windsearch didn’t sue until after three years, it had no right to possess its case heard.


  • you ought to give some thought to trying to settle the lawsuit out of court. for instance , you’ll participate in negotiation or mediation and obtain the debt cut 50% approximately . Admittedly, you’ll still need to pay money and thus won’t “beat” the lawsuit. However, settlement could prevent the time and money.
  • If you’re curious about mediation, then contact your courthouse and ask if they need a mediation program you’ll use.
  • you’ll also beat a mastercard lawsuit by filing for bankruptcy. In bankruptcy, you almost certainly can wipe out any mastercard debt. If you’re curious about filing for bankruptcy, then contact a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible.

How To Beat a Credit Card Lawsuit

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