How To Become A Greeting Card Creator

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Today, the greeting card enterprise is a $7-eight million enterprise, setting excellent greeting playing cards in excessive demand. Becoming a greeting card author was writing and illustrating your very own thoughts and turning them right into a completed product. Whether you figure for a longtime enterprise, do freelance paintings, or determine to begin your very own greeting card enterprise, developing greeting playing cards may be a completely worthwhile activity in order to carry pleasure to you and others.

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Finding the proper publisher

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There are predicted to be round 800 greeting card publishers withinside the UK, ranging in length from ‘one guy bands’ to multi-countrywide corporations. Not all publishers take delivery of freelance paintings, however a top notch many do. Remember, regardless of the length of the enterprise, all publishers depend upon precise designs.

While a few publishers deal with generating a positive kind of greeting playing cards (eg. humorous, exceptional artwork or juvenile) many have various and post a number of greeting card ranges. This of path makes it greater hard for you as an artist to goal the maximum suitable capability publishers to your paintings. Visit the GCA Members’ Directory to discover greater approximately UK card publishers.

Doing Freelance Work

Come up with as a minimum 20 robust designs. The greater paintings you need to show, the higher a enterprise can see your variety of ability. Amass a extent of labor that definitely suggests your capabilities and develops your thoughts fully. Companies are typically very selective and turn out to be selecting handiest a small percent of your paintings to post, so it’s precise to carry plenty of options.

  • Some greeting card creators even propose making as much as 50-one hundred designs to submit.

Working for an Established Company

Focus your skill set on both artwork or writing. When operating for a longtime enterprise like Hallmark, you’ll probably be both an author or an artist. Sometimes the 2 positions collaborate, however frequently the writing and paintings is paired after being created independently. Focus on which talent is your most powerful and increase it.

Of path, corporations are interested in a number of capabilities, so make sure to say in case you are skilled and gifted in each area.

Starting Your Own Greeting Card Company

Show your paintings at enterprise alternate suggests. This is a top-notch manner to make a few sales, get to understand different creatives and capability customers, and get publicity with inside the enterprise. Set up a sales space and show your playing cards in addition to a few enterprise playing cards to get your call out there.


  • Consider promoting your greeting playing cards online, both via your very own internet site or via a network internet site for greeting card creators. If you begin your very own greeting card enterprise, imparting custom paintings is a top-notch manner to make a few more money and increase your portfolio.

How To Become A Greeting Card Creator

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