How To Become A Korean Citizen

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There are three pathways to citizenship with inside the Republic of Korea (ROK). If your dad and mom have been Korean nationals or in case you marry a Korean national, the method and necessities are simpler. However, maximum immigrants turning into naturalized through well known naturalization. To be eligible for citizenship through this method, you have to first stay with inside the ROK for five years as a lawful everlasting resident. After you’ve got met the residency requirement, you can practice for citizenship.

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Obtaining Permanent or Long-Term Residency

Korean Citizen

Confirm your eligibility. If you’re a grownup over the age of 20 and feature lived with inside the ROK for five consecutive years as a felony resident, you will be eligible to use for everlasting residency. You have to be capable of show which you are able to financially assisting yourself, which you haven’t any crook record, and which you have robust information of Korean culture, language, and traditions.

  • You can practice for everlasting residency after three years of residency in case you are an investor who has invested as a minimum US$500,000 in Korean enterprise and furnished employment possibilities for as a minimum five Korean nationals.
  • Eligibility for everlasting residency will also be granted via way of means of the Justice Minister in popularity of unique contributions to Korea.

Meeting Naturalization Requirements

Live in Korea for five years as an everlasting or long-time period resident. Unless you’ve got an own circle of relatives courting with a Korean national, you have to stay in Korea for as a minimum five years as an everlasting resident earlier than you could practice for citizenship.

If you’ve got a long-time period residency allow in place of everlasting residency, ensure you live in Korea is non-stop and which you do not permit your residency visa to lapse. Otherwise, the term might also additionally begin over.

Applying for General Naturalization

Complete your naturalization utility paperwork. To practice for citizenship, you may want a Naturalization Application Form, a Statement for Citizenship Application, and a Statement of Identity. You have to connect a color image to your Statement of Identity. This paperwork are handiest to be had in Korean.

  • Necessary paperwork also can be downloaded at Scroll right all the way down to locate hyperlinks to naturalization-associated paperwork.

Renounce your foreign nationality within 1 year

After you’re granted Korean citizenship, you’re predicted to give up your citizenship in your private home USA. If you fail to give up your overseas nationality after 1 year, you may lose your Korean nationality.

  • Go to the closest embassy or consulate for your private home USA to give up your citizenship. Get written certification from a consular officer in which you have formally renounced your citizenship. You’ll want to publish this to the Immigration Office.
  • If you received Korean nationality via way of means of marriage to a Korean national, you do now no longer ought to surrender your overseas nationality. However, you do ought to make an announcement now no longer to exercising it, including via way of means of getting a passport issued via way of means of your private home USA.
How To Become A Korean Citizen

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