How To Become Accountant In California

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The state of California requires to be certified public accountants to meet the wants for licensure to figure within the state. The wants to make sure the accountant has the knowledge and skills to supply services and advice to clients on matters like taxes and financial reports. The certified public accountant may go for a corporation in an accounting department, for a public firm or as a private business owner.

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Meeting the tutorial Requirements

Accountant in California

Prepare in high school . You want to graduate from high school or get your GED to enroll in college. Specialize in your math and business courses at your school. If you’ve got space for electives, attempt to take higher level courses in these areas.

  • If possible, become involved with DECA at your school. DECA focuses on preparing students for careers in marketing and finance. If your school doesn’t have DECA, become involved in the other business clubs available.
  • You’ll also inspect your area people college and take an accounting or business class over the summer.

Taking the CPA Exam

Apply to take a seat for the Uniform CPA Examination. Visit the California Board of Accountancy (CBA) website to finish the web application. You’ll request a tough copy of the appliance , but it’ll take for much longer for your application to be processed.

  • You’ll found out a web profile as a part of the appliance process. Make certain to recollect your password, so you’ll log in as required .

Get one year of accounting experience

You want to work for one year as an accountant. It’s best to be supervised by a licensed CPA. The CPA and a better authority at your job must submit an experience form as a part of your application.

  • If you’re working part-time, 170 hours is like one month of full time work experience.
  • If you propose to sign attest documents, you want to have a minimum of 500 hours experience in attestation duties while being supervised by a licensed CPA. The five hundred hours count towards your one year of experience.

Apply for CPA license

Once you’ve got completed the education, examination and knowledge requirements, you’ll apply for your license.You will pay $250 to use and can pay a separate fee for your fingerprinting. The fingerprinting fee is decided by the Live Scan service. Your application packet consists of:

  • Application for Certified Public Accountant License
  • A current 2” x 2” photograph
  • Criminal Conviction Disclosure Form
  • California Residents: Live Scan Service
  • Public Accounting: General or Attest Certificate of Experience
  • Nonpublic Accounting: General or Attest Certificate of Experience
  • If you passed the exam during a different state, you want to complete the Authorization for Release of Examination and/or Licensure Information
  • If you’re an out-of-state resident, you want to complete 2 fingerprint cards
How To Become Accountant In California

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