How To Become An Agent Of Western Union

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Western Union may be a money and message transfer service based out of the US , with agents all round the world. Anyone curious about becoming a replacement agent must apply and be accepted through Western Union’s corporate headquarters. Learning the way to become a Western Union agent can help create a lucrative opportunity for your business.

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Determining Your Eligibility

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Own your own business. A prospective Western Union agent must own her own independent retail business, which is then deemed eligible to become a professional Western Union location. A number of the foremost common retail businesses that become Western Union agents include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Convenience stores
  • drug stores
  • financial service providers
  • liquor stores
  • newsagents
  • pawnbrokers
  • supermarkets
  • travel agencies

Getting found out as an Agent

Receive job training and software. If your application to become a Western Union agent is approved, you’ll receive a free starter pack from Western Union. This starter pack includes all the required training information you will need to start making transactions, also as marketing/promotional materials to advertise your new services to the public . You’ll also receive the required software to put in on your computer in order that you’ll begin making transactions at your business.

  • Western Union agents also receive 24-hour customer support from the agency. A customer support representative is going to be ready to answer any questions you’ve got and guide you through any complications which will arise.

Working as an Agent

Earn money from Western Union. Customers are charged a transfer fee on every money transfer they create with Western Union. That cash goes to Western Union, and it’s how WU earns a profit. However, Western Union can pay you a commission on every transfer fee that’s processed from each transaction your business sends or receives. The extra money you earn for Western Union at your business, the more commissions you earn.


  • If you’ve got questions on being a part of the Western Union agent network, ask an agent at a non-competing branch to elucidate the advantages and disadvantages of offering money transfer services.
  • If you would like to become a Western Union agent outside the US , search online for Western Union and your country. Find the “Become an Agent” section, or contact the sales division therein the country. They’re going to arrange an in-person meeting with an area business development manager or advise you on the way to become an agent.
How To Become An Agent Of Western Union

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