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Online auction are fun, easy and thrilling. they allow you to purchase a good array of products online for 24 hours each day and 7 days a week, often at great prices. Bidding is an essential part of the online auction. People bid online for the things they willing to buy. Online bids move at such a rapid speed that it changes in only blink of an eye. There are two popular techniques which are utilized in order to enhance the probabilities of winning a web auction. you can adapt them accordingly to suit your style.

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Unique Bidding

Know the terminology. a singular bid is mentioned that single bid which is placed on a bid amount for the auction. it’ll be only categorized as unique if no other competitor has placed a bid on an equivalent bid amount. If a competitor has placed an equivalent bid, then both bids are classified as non-unique. Buyers bid for various products online. The one with the unique bid gets the merchandise .

for example – If A places a bid at $2 and nobody else place a bid on an equivalent amount, it’s considered as a singular bid and A will win. If B places a bid on an equivalent item at $2, then it’ll be categorized as non-unique and none of them wins the auction. it’s necessary for B to put bid quite $2 so as to win the auction.

  • Place a bid. You place a bid that’s the unique bid on your favorite product which can make your existing unique bid rock bottom bid. you’ll also place a bid that’s quite your opponents bid amount. It should be the unequalled and highest unique bid until the time auction closes to win the item.
  • Wait for somebody else to bid. If somebody else places a bid above yours, then immediately place a singular bid to supersede theirs. If not done over the time, the opposite person wins the bidding auction.
  • Keep a continuing track. Revisit the auction site regularly to see the status of your bid and also the status of your competitor bids. Evaluate your bid again and click on the confirm bid button, once done.
  • Receive a confirmation email. Once the bidding ends, the winner are going to be notified by an email from the auction website. it’ll indicate the confirmation about your winning and also the reason of what must be done next.

Online Auction Bidding Strategies

So you’ve set your eyes on an auction item that might be perfect for your home or business. the sole thing that stands between you and an excellent buy are other bidders. As soon as your competitive drive kicks in, it’s easy to become emotionally invested within the auction. To avoid the so called “winner’s curse” where you finish up spending quite you originally planned, it’s important to determine a bidding strategy beforehand and stick with it. Wondering the way to win online auctions? There are a couple of strategic approaches to bidding:

Set a maximum

Auction Masters makes it easy to avoid adrenaline fueled bidding wars with a maximum bid input option. It works like this – if people are bidding well below your set maximum price, you’ll always have the highest bid. Once the bidding surpasses your set amount, you not are within the running. this enables you to research the item, decide your own price and possibly pay but you expected. If you would like to attenuate regrets, give this strategy an attempt .

Cut it close

Some people believe that bidding in an auction automatically draws attention thereto . this might be a nasty thing as a buyer since more attention means more competition. If you think that about it, this concept is sensible . Imagine a street with several restaurants. You’re more likely to dine at one that seems busy and filled with people, albeit the wait is longer. After all, there must be a reason most are there, right? an equivalent theory holds in a web auction. The stealthier you’ll be, the more steals you’ll find.

Avoid round bids

If you set your maximum bid at a good dollar amount, you stand less of an opportunity of winning an item. People tend to think in round numbers, so you gain a plus setting a maximum bid of $101.27 on an item that you simply expect to travel for around $100. Sure, you’re spending a touch extra money , but that edge is typically worthwhile . the sole issue you’ll run into is people doing an equivalent thing. Since you can’t see their maximum bid, you would like to seek out the proper price balance between not enough and a touch extra.

Research The Lots that you Like

If you discover tons you wish , it’s important to conduct some research. The aim should be to know what proportion it’s worth and this may influence the bidding strategy you would like to use.

In the lot’s description, you will find key information like the year it had been made, the materials wont to create it, its origin and more. This information are going to be enough to create an image of the relevance or significance of the item.

Once you’ve got a thought about what proportion you would like to pay, you’ll factor this into your budget as you’ll got to take other considerations under consideration .

Review The Payment Terms

Mentioned within the Terms and Conditions, or important information, are the payment terms for the auction.

There will be deadlines for payments and also the premiums and taxes that you simply will got to pay.

It’s important to know these payment terms because you’ll understand when the firm will request payment and this may offer you time to make sure the required funds are available.

At William George, our payment terms are often found within the important information.


  • Get conversant in the auction website. Always confirm the web site is genuine and authorized . The reliable brand manufacturers and professional sellers should be involved in buying and selling process.
  • Look for a real brand before choosing the merchandise . Always read through the Terms and Conditions of the location . If bidding on jewelry, search for their Hallmark Certified Authentication mark on their jewelry with the warranty card mentioning purity code, carat of the jewellery piece, testing center’s mark, the jeweler’s mark and year of marking.
  • Before bidding, read the merchandise description. examine the sort of fabric utilized in its creation, the planning , etc. Each product is accompanied with its picture and its description. Compare photos of the merchandise with other similar items purchasable . Understand the difference between the important jewelry and simulated or overlay jewelry.
  • Read the merchandise reviews by other buyers. The feedback and reviews by other buyers helps tons while purchasing a product from the web site . It makes one a sensible buyer by saving themselves from being cheated.
  • Avoid compulsion bidding. Never indulge yourself in impulse bidding as you finish up buying more products than usual and have a tendency to cross budget.
  • Read refund policy and shipment charges. confirm to read through the refund and shipment policy before ordering your item. Many website offers free shipping while others apply heavy charges.
  • Ensure you’re comfortable with the mode of payment. this is often the ultimate and therefore the essential step of your online shopping. Read the payment mode before bidding as many websites only accept specific credit or debit cards to make payment. Once the payment is formed , check your checking account to make sure the transaction is complete.


  • Avoid imitations. Always confirm that you simply receive the item as displayed within the picture while buying the merchandise . Many products exhibited on online auctions are fake and should not even match the outline posted on the web site .
  • Beware of getting subjected to scamming from the traders who sell unfair or illegal products on the web auction. Also, attempt to be in constant touch with the customer care executives to urge regular updates on the date of delivery of your product. In some cases, the merchandise purchased online never gets delivered.
  • Save yourself from being over excited during a contest .
How To Bid In Online Auctions

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