How To Borrow Money From A Friend

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Borrowing money from a lover looks like it should be easier and more flexible than trying to urge a loan . However, adding money to a friendship are often a recipe for disaster if done hastily. Before asking your buddy for a loan, consider whether this is often your best choice , treat the method with the care, and do what it takes to stay both your income and friendship during a good place.

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Look at all of your borrowing options

Before you jump right into borrowing money from friends, consider if there are other consumer loan options you’ll address first. For several reasons, it’d be better for you to borrow from a bank or financial organization instead of from a private you recognize .

You can even invite financial help besides a loan. as an example , you’ll ask the person to be a cosigner on a loan if you’ve got bad credit and wouldn’t qualify on your own. otherwise you could see if they’d be willing to provide the savings collateral for you to require out a savings-secured loan.

Consider the financial and social risks

Make sure you furthermore may understand the risks of borrowing money from friends and family, which you’re willing to face them. this sort of loan will have all an equivalent risks as other debts.

You “will be entering a legally binding contract allowing (the lender) to sue if (you) breach any of the repayment terms,” said Shaolin Loving, a Las Vegas attorney.

Legitimizing the Transaction

Be clear regarding business investments. If the loan is said to a business venture you’re starting or currently operate, be particularly clear on the character of this money transaction.

  • is that this just a loan, or an equity investment? Does this offer any involvement within the business, or share of any profits (or losses, or risks)?
  • If you don’t want your friend involved within the business, don’t give them reason to think they ought to be, by making the character of the loan clear. Alternatively, don’t get them unwittingly involved during a failed business venture.


  • Be prepared for your friend to mention no. Your friend might not be ready to loan you the maximum amount money as you would like or may worry that lending you money will put your friendship in danger . regardless of the reason, your friend features a right to show you down. attempt to have a backup plan for getting the cash you would like .
  • If you discover that you simply just can’t make the monthly payments, see if your friend will change the terms of the loan. you would possibly be ready to pay smaller amounts over a extended period of your time . It’s better to urge the quantity and period of time right the primary time, so confirm you recognize what you’ll afford. you ought to be even more certain of what proportion you’ll pay over what proportion time if you’re asking your friend to switch the loan. you do not want to possess to invite another modification a couple of months later.


  • Don’t avoid your friend if you miss a payment. While explaining that you simply can’t pay at the time you prescribed isn’t fun, avoiding the matter is merely getting to make it worse. You’re putting your friend into the awkward position of getting to trace you down and remind you that a payment is due. If you do not offer an evidence , your friend may assume that you’re just trying to urge away with not paying what you owe. Communication breakdowns can ruin your friendship, so ask your friend, albeit it’s hard to try to to .
  • Keep your spending in check . Unless you said otherwise once you asked for the loan, your friend loaned you this money for necessities, not so you’ll still buy everything you would like . If you attend the occasional movie or dinner out and you are still making all of your payments on time, your friend probably won’t get upset. But if you’re buying tons of high priced items or going bent eat all the time and you have already missed a payment or two, your friend may feel used and can a minimum of consider about lending you any longer money.
  • Don’t lie. Be as honest as you’ll about why you would like the loan or why you cannot make a payment. If your friend finds out that you simply lied, it’s extremely likely that the friendship will end.
How To Borrow Money From A Friend

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