How to Burn Music to an Audio CD

With the world now shifting to online platforms and streaming sites like YouTube and Hulu, to burn music to a disc could seem a thing of the past. It is, however, still a reasonably cool endeavor, especially once you use a top-notch burning music app. This tool won’t only allow you to burn songs to disc but also copy discs, rip the files in your device, and make your own discs from scratch, among others.

Many tools are availed. This text will take you thru the foremost popular and highly recommended tool among them, all called Wondershare Uniconverter. Its features and steps on the way to use it are discussed. Later, you’ll also get a glimpse of other popular programs within the market

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What’s the simplest Software to Burn Music to CD for Windows/Mac?

If you get music content online, or the other files, it’s not a guarantee that you simply will obtain them during a compatible format. it’ll be great to urge a software which will make it compatible. And later, assist you burn the content to other storage devices for future purposes. More so, it’ll be extremely great to urge software loaded with even more added functionalities. Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) does this well, earning a reputation together of the enormous top converters. Its features include:


The program lets users download content like music from thousands of web sites online. Users also get to burn music download directly within the program.


Wondershare Uniconverter lets users convert files into various file formats that are alive today. this may allow you to vary the downloaded video into a compatible format thereupon of your device.Editor: The developers of this software recognized that it’s great for users to urge the simplest output result as possible. Hence, users can easily perform editing tasks like trimming and joining files before the conversion process.

External device compatibility: The software works well with other devices. you’ll use its in-built Media Server called DLNA to stream videos to other devices.


It’s an enormous bonus to find a really fast tool and still maintains quality. that’s what this program actually does, performing tasks 30X faster in comparison to other programs out there.

Step 1 Launch the Wondershare UniConverter program.

Insert a blank CD. Then, attend the Toolbox icon present on the far end of the highest menu and click on thereon . On the new window, click on the compact-disk burner option.

Step 2 Upload or add music files.

a replacement display will crop up from where you’re to click on the + icon to open your device storage and upload music files to be burned.

Step 3 Recheck the uploaded files.

Preview to make sure that you’ve added the acceptable file(s). you’ll use the highest left corner to either delete or add files to the program.

Step 4 Burn the music files.

Click on the Burn button to start the method of burning. You’ll get a notification immediately after the burning process is over.

Excellent Softwares to Burn Music to CD for Windows

1.Windows Media Player

Using Windows Media Player to burn music on Windows 7, and other later versions, have tons of added advantages. it’ll enable you to make mixtapes for your favorite songs or copy to all or any the music present in your device, among other advantages. The software isn’t necessarily meant to burn music to cd but performs the task pretty much .


  • Lets users make custom playlists, sliding photos, screen video , etc
  • You can easily access all menus through one interface


  • Limited features


The program lets the users burn music to cd, DVD, Blu-ray, or HD-DVD during a nice display that accommodates multiple languages. CDBurnerXP runs well in most Windows OS. it’s available for free of charge and lets users burn different audio formats like MP3, WAV, ALAC, FLAC, or FLAC to a CD. you’ll also easily install the program because it is lightweight.


  • You can easily burn music to different sorts of disks
  • You get to verify the burned data


  • Features are less
  • Accommodates limited audio formats

3.Express Burn

Express Burn comes packaged with fast speed, simple use, and a user-friendly interface. And different from other top Windows programs discussed here, this software is compatible with macOS devices. Its ability to perform tasks professionally and with quality has made it earn the reputation together of the highest burning tools.


  • Clear display
  • Perform tasks fast


  • The software can crash while burning.

4.DeepBurner Free

The DeepBurner Free program may be a free version of the DeepBurner commercial program, and it lets users perform burning tasks at no extra cost. Though you’ll be ready to use the program for free of charge with none expiry worries, the features supported within the program is restricted .


  • It supports ISO files
  • It enables users to make covers on their own.


  • Restricted features
  • The burned music CD isn’t presented on its original quality.

5.Free audio CD Burner

Free audio CD Burner is that the ideal alternative for an easy program to perform your tasks with. This tool is in a position to burn CD-RW and CD-R discs, and also delete data from erasable discs. The program are often easily accessed online, and within a couple of clicks, you’ll be sure of an efficient and straightforward burning process.


  • No features are restricted
  • Accommodates majority of the available audio formats.


  • You cannot burn DVD with the program.
  • It has got a couple of features.

Best Softwares to Burn Music to CD for Mac


Apple officially designed iTunes as an efficient program for handling audios, contacts, videos, and other files. Unlike what many of us know, the software also can be wont to burn audios to a CD. The tool makes it easier for users to manage files without the assistance of the other additional program.


  • Stable program
  • Available for free of charge of charge


  • Difficult to interact with the program, especially for brand spanking new users.


When it came to a professionally made free multi-platform and open-sourced audio burner that plays the bulk of files, and is incorporated during a number of streaming sites, then VLC for Mac is one among the tops. This tool are often wont to burn audio to CD effectively.


  • Supported by most devices.
  • It runs well in both Mac and Windows.


  • The burning speed is slow.

3.Roxio Toast

Roxio Toast is another alternative for Mac users to burn their audio files to CD. The program has an in-built editor that lets users edit files before beginning the conversion process. More so, this powerful tool is provided to wash your device storage.


  • Lets users efficiently create DVD or digital movies out of V8, VHS tapes or Hi8
  • It accommodates split-screen videos.


It is difficult for users, especially new ones, to use the program.

4.NTI Dragon Burn

NTI Dragon Burn is another professional application which will effectively burn music to CD on Mac devices. The program lets users upload multiple audios to be burned into the program easily.


  • Accommodates USB 2.0 for efficient output.
  • You can burn any quite file type to either CD or DVD.


  • Not much work has been done on display.

5.Disk Burner

The program lets users make, organize, share, and keep digital files efficiently in CD or DVDs. you’ll prompt the burning process within the tool, then proceed on together with your activities because the files get burned within the background.


  • Saturated interface
  • It supports the background burning of files.


  • Does not support video editing


iDVD may be a common burn music app developed by Apple. Though the program is specifically meant to make and author DVDs, it’s other added functionalities like burning music to CD through its in-built burning prowess.


  • Highly compatible with Mac programs like iTunes, iMovie, and iPhoto.


  • Inefficient when handling huge music files.
How to Burn Music to an Audio CD

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