How To Buy A Cannabis License

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Most states issue only a get the number of cannabis licenses by either a lottery or application process. Once these licenses are issued, your only option is to shop for one on the secondary market. In many cases, the license could also be attached to a lively , or partially built business. This text addresses the essential steps of the way to do exactly that.

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Buy a cannabis license, or buy a cannabis business?

If you think the market is prepared for your investment, then subsequent step is to make a decision whether you’ll buy a cannabis business license, or buy an existing business. we would like to preface this with one thing…there is no answer to the present question. It depends on many factors including your risk tolerance, your experience, growth/exit plans and far more!

A license, in most cases, is simply a checkbox; a green light by the powers that be, authorizing you to open a business. A license says you’ll plow ahead with subsequent steps to starting a cannabis business, but it doesn’t make sure that you win customers or make a profit.

Located a license purchasable

You’ll hire a broker or experienced expert like a lawyer to assist you find one, otherwise you can search a web marketplace.

  • A Google search in your area may assist you find a broker or lawyer who can assist you. Make certain to speak to a couple of to make sure they know their stuff.
  • You’ll also DIY shop marketplaces online that allow people to list Cannabis Business opportunities. Each site has many licenses available from sellers nationwide. Confine mind that this feature is usually fairly complex to self-manage.
  • Many opportunities may already be functional businesses, or in some stage of development.

Setting Up Shop

  • Find vendors and employees. you’ll got to locate staff, and other business services like accounting, legal services, marketing, and possibly construction.
  • Open Shop. counting on your business type, you’ll want to attach with relevant businesses or your area people during a marketing capacity. otherwise you might plan to sell the turn-key operation you’ve got created to a buyer wanting to run a cannabis business.


  • An experienced broker or lawyer are often an enormous help.
  • Confirm you’ve got an honest estimate of your competition in your area, there might be an honest reason someone is selling their business.
  • Educate yourself on local ordinances and state laws that would affect your timeline. The transfer process is often slow, and you do not want to run out of cash expecting approval for your transfer. You’ll be ready to found out a short-lived management agreement while you await the state to approve you.
  • Federal law features a section called 280e, which may cause unexpected liabilities . It’s going to be knowing to speak with an experienced accountant when planning a cannabis business.


  • Make certain to see for any outstanding debts or other issues with the license you’re buying.
  • Make certain to see the background of the individuals you’re handling , you do not want to encounter a surprise a couple of months into negotiating the transfer process.
How To Buy A Cannabis License

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