How To Buy A House At Auction

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Whether you’re investing in property or buying a home for yourself, purchasing a house at auction may help you get a good deal. Homes sold at auction are commonly foreclosures, but tax lien holders and estate sales also auction homes. you’ll find homes for auction in your local newspaper, online, or through a real estate agent. Then, you’ll got to find a home that interests you and attend an auction. If you’re the winning bidder at an auction, you’ll got to complete the sale within a short window.

Why Are Some Houses Sold At Auction?

Most people are a minimum of vaguely conversant in the way to buy a house, albeit they don’t know any of the small print about how it works. There’s a purchasable sign, and a telephone number to call. You visit the house and choose if it’s for you. If it is, you tell the agent, who prepares a suggestion and tells you what steps you would like to require next. At some point, the sign is gone, and therefore the home is yours.

But, there are other ways in which homes are sold, and auctions are a method that foreclosed properties are sold. These homes are owned by mortgage borrowers who have either defaulted on their mortgage or did not pay their property taxes, and that they are now being seized by lenders and/or tax authorities.

How to buy a house at auction

Consider the rewards and risks

The main advantage of purchasing a home at auction is that the ability to shop for a property for below market price . Put another way: you’ll be ready to score a sweet bargain.

But there are risks, too, says Suzanne Hollander, an attorney and land professor at Florida International University in Miami. These include:

  • you always can’t have the property professionally inspected, which could lead on to surprises like squatters in possession, structural problems or physical damage to the residence.
  • You generally must pay all-cash; financed funds are nearly always not accepted.
  • It’s your responsibility to conduct the required due diligence. This includes investigating title issues and outstanding liens.
  • you want to buy all back taxes in many jurisdictions. additionally , if it’s a range in an association, you’ll be responsible for unpaid HOA fees.

Finding Homes for Auction

Check your local newspaper for notices about local foreclosures. Banks are required to publish information about foreclosures within the local newspaper. this may include details about the property, when and where the property are going to be auctioned, and the way much money the winning bidder will got to pay on the day of the auction.

However, these listings won’t tell you the square footage or other interior details of the house . you’ll search the address of the house to seek out out more information, but this is often not always available.

Contact a real estate agent who handles real estate owned (REO) properties

Homes that are getting to auction are called REO properties, and a few land agents concentrate on helping buyers purchase these properties. they will provide you with an inventory of obtainable properties in your area and should be ready to take you on a walk-through of the property. They’ll also walk you thru the auction process and paperwork involved in buying a home at auction.

  • Your land agent will add their fee to the value of buying your property if you purchase a home.
  • a true realtor also can assist you find upcoming estate auctions.

Await an auction listing that interests you

Check the listings often, as new properties will come up for auction. Read each listing to seek out a property which may work for you. Then, you’ll want to research that property before entering a bid.

  • Take some time when trying to find a property.
  • Homes sold at auction are going to be as-is, so you’ll be liable for fixing any damage to the property.

Completing the purchase

Pay your auction fees and earnest before leaving the auction. The winning bidder can pay any bidding or auction fees associated with the house . Additionally, you’ll be expected to pay a deposit . you want to pay this before you allow the auction, or you’ll likely lose the property and therefore the money you’ve put down thus far.

In most cases, you’ll pay with a cashier’s check, postal order , or cash. Check the auction listing to seek out out how your firm takes payments.


  • Working with a true realtor and land attorney will assist you complete the acquisition of your home with less risk. Although the value is slightly higher, these professionals can assist you avoid purchasing a home that carries heavy debt or is in poor condition.
  • Most auctions allow you to get a home with a mortgage instead of cash. However, you would like to be preapproved for the mortgage and must have the funds to pay the quantity listed on the auction.


  • In some cases, local laws and ordinances allow owners to reclaim their auctioned home if they pay their back taxes or liens within a particular period of your time , which is usually 120 days. Since lenders aren’t required to attend this era before auctioning the house , it’s possible that your home purchased at auction might be reclaimed by the owner, counting on the laws in your area.
  • If the previous owner or their tenant remains within the property after you purchase it, you’ll got to start eviction proceedings to urge them to go away .
How To Buy A House At Auction

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