How To Buy Police Impounded Cars

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If you’re looking to save money on your next car purchase, you may consider buying an impounded car from a police auction. Impounded cars are vehicles that are seized by enforcement officials due to a crime, varying from driving without a license to driving while intoxicated to being involved in criminal activity.

Live Auction

One of the simplest ways to get police impounded cars is thru a live auction. A live auction provides you with the prospect to examine the vehicle before bidding on the car. Police departments round the country routinely host live auctions for impounded cars. the simplest thanks to determine about an upcoming sale is to contact your local local department .

If you’re getting to purchase a car at a live auction, you ought to clear your calendar for that day. Live auctions tend to be quite time-consuming. the method of inspecting, bidding on, and buying the vehicle will likely take up the whole day.

Make sure that you simply arrive early. That way, you’ll inspect the varied vehicles and learn more about the various make and models available for purchase that day. you’ll then research the car before the bidding begins. Confirm that you simply also secure a bidding number. Otherwise, you can’t participate within the auction.

During the auction process, you’ll be competing against others who also are curious about purchasing the vehicle. While on the lot, you likely won’t be ready to test drive the car, so you’re getting to need to trust your instincts. Know that you simply are liable for paying whatever amount you bid. If you win the vehicle, you will have to buy the vehicle on the spot. you’ll drive your car off the lot that day.

Online Auction

The other thanks to purchase impounded cars is thru a web auction. the web auction process is sort of almost like the live auction process. the foremost significant difference is that the incontrovertible fact that you can’t inspect the vehicle before making your bid.

However, online auctions tend to return with very detailed car descriptions. You’ll also likely find photos included with the vehicle description also . Some online auctioneers also provide you with the chance to ask questions on a car before bidding thereon .

Furthermore, because the auction happened online, you will not have access to the vehicle that day. You’ll first got to buy the car. Most online sales accept bank transfer or credit cards as valid sorts of payment. you’ve got the choice of learning your vehicle face to face or having it shipped to you.

So, in summary, the first downside to online auctions compared to measure auctions is that the incontrovertible fact that you won’t have access to the vehicle before bidding starts, therefore the process may be a bit riskier. However, you’ll even have access to thousands of more cars, as you’ll bid on vehicles on the opposite side of the country if you’d like.

In-person auctions

If you’re curious about buying a car from a police impound lot, contact your local local department and ask when they’ll be auctioning those vehicles off. uctions are often drawn out affairs, so prepare to be there all day.
Even if you aren’t sure if you’ll be bidding on a car, plan ahead and confirm you’ve got someone to drive your own car home, if you are doing indeed buy a car from a police impound auction.

Preparing to Attend an Auction

Look for auctions held in less popular or crowded areas. like all auction, the more crowded it’s , the more competition you’ll have. an enormous crowd could drive the bidding prices up or cause you to lose out on a bid for a vehicle. search for auctions that are situated in less populated areas or tend to fly under the radar.

you’ll look for police auctions in certain areas online. specialise in auctions outside of a serious city, if possible, or during a smaller town or city, as these could also be less crowded than auctions held in larger cities or known areas.

Research the vehicles listed online a couple of days before the auction date

Most auctions will list the vehicles which will be available at the auction a couple of days before the auction date. Look over each listing and identify which vehicles you’re curious about bidding on. you ought to attempt to choose a minimum of one to 2 vehicles within the event you lose out on a bid so you’ve got a backup vehicle you’ll still bid on.

  • If you’ve got your eye on a Mercedes-Benz CLK listed online, for instance , you ought to note the small print listed for the car. Then, you ought to research the market price of a second hand Mercedes-Benz CLK and determine what proportion you’d be willing to bid for the car. confirm you’re clear on the utmost you’d be willing to spend on the car as this will prevent you from overbidding within the chaos of the auction.

Bring cash or proof of an approved loan to the auction

Police auctions will only take payment in cash or proof of an approved loan for the winning bid. If you’re getting to pay with an approved loan from your bank, you’ll got to be ready to cover a minimum deposit for the complete cost of the vehicle.

  • you’ll also got to cover the value of taxes, title, and registration fees. Cars sold at auction don’t accompany a guaranty and are considered “as is” so you’ll likely got to purchase insurance and a guaranty for the car once you purchase it.
  • you’ll also need enough money to hide the value of towing the car from the auction and therefore the cost of cutting new keys for the vehicle if it’s sold without keys.

Taking Your Car Home

Check if there’s a towing company on site. counting on the condition of the car you purchased at the auction, it’s going to be drivable or it’s going to require a tow to your home or to a car mechanic for a tune up. Most police auctions attract towing companies who know they’re going to have customers who need their services. search for a tow car parked outside of the auction or ask the auction for a referral to a towing company located nearby.

Some auctions allow you to store your purchased vehicle, for a fee, if you can’t buy a tow or are getting to do maintenance on the car another time.

How To Buy Police Impounded Cars

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