How To Calculate Accumulated Savings

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Accumulated savings includes the quantity you’re ready to replace or invest each period and therefore the interest that’s accrued on your savings. Even a really low rate of interest will begin to feature up as your balance increases, making it possible for you to save lots of quite you would possibly realize. Knowing the way to calculate accumulated savings can help motivate you toward creating a bigger nest egg.

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Using a Spreadsheet

Launch your preferred spreadsheet. this might be Microsoft Excel, Zoho Sheets, Google Docs Sheet or another spreadsheet application. Create labels for the variables concerning your account in cells A1 down through A5 as follows: Balance, rate of interest , Periods, Additional Deposits and Future Value.

Changing Variables for Future Results

Use an amortization table. you’ll calculate the longer term value of an account with a varying rate of interest and extra monthly payments using an amortization table. These are often found online by checking out “compound interest amortization tables.”

Solving for Accumulated Saving Manually

Gather the small print of your savings plan. you’ll need the start balance, fixed rate of interest and therefore the period that you’d wish to calculate. Assume you’ll not be making any additional deposits.

Enter data into the formula

Replace the variables within the formula FV=P(1+ic)n∗c{\displaystyle FV=P(1+{\frac {i}{c}})^{nc}}FV=P(1+{\frac {i}{c}})^{{nc}} together with your actual details. Here is what the variables represent:

  • FV represents the longer term value of your account
  • Replace “P” with the quantity of your beginning balance.
  • Replace “r” with the annual rate of interest , expressed as a decimal
  • Replace “c”with the amount of times your interest is compounded annually .
  • Replace “n” with the the amount of years you’re measuring growth over.


  • If you’re estimating the longer term value of account a few years from now, realize that your result are going to be suffering from for inflation. $500 today will likely have more buying power than $500 twenty years from now.
How To Calculate Accumulated Savings

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