How to Calculate APY on a Bank Savings Account

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When you put money into a savings account, the bank generally reports the annual percentage rate (APR) and the frequency of compounding interest. A lower interest rate with more frequent compounding could end in higher earnings. Calculating annual percentage yield (APY) tells you ways much you’ll expect to earn by the top of the year.

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What Is Annual Percentage Yield?

When the APY is that the same because the rate of interest that’s being paid on a person’s investment, he’s earning interest . When the APY is above the rate of interest , however, the interest is being compounded, which suggests he’s earning interest on his accumulating interest.

People sometimes confuse APY with APR. APR refers to the annual rate of interest without taking compounding interest under consideration . APY, on the opposite hand, does take under consideration the consequences of compounding within a year. The difference between the 2 can have important implications for borrowers and investors.

When banks or other financial institutions are trying to find clients for interest-bearing investments, like market accounts and certificates of deposit, it’s in their best interests to market their best APY, not their APR. APY is above APR, so it’s sort of a better investment for the client.

The more frequent the compounding periods, the upper the APY. Thus, people that economize in their bank accounts should check how often the cash is compounded. Typically, daily or quarterly is best than annual compounding, but confirm to see the quoted APY for every option beforehand.

Annual percentage yield are often defined because the rate charged for borrowing or earning money over the course of a year.

  • Acronym: APY

How Annual Percentage Yield Works

If you have ever signed up for a bank account , you’ve likely heard or seen the term “annual percentage yield” or “APY.”

When you deposit funds into a bank account , market , or certificate of deposit (CD), you earn interest. APY tells you exactly what proportion interest you’ll earn on the account over one year supported the rate of interest and therefore the frequency of compounding, which is that the interest you earn on the principal (original deposit) plus interest on earnings.

Calculating APY by Hand

Gather the required data. you would like to understand two pieces of data to perform this calculation:

  • rate of interest (r). this is often the rate of interest that the bank quotes for savings accounts of your type. concentrate to the various rates for various sorts of accounts. for instance , a market account will generally have a better rate of interest than a bank account , and a bank account will have a better rate of interest than a bank account (if the bank account earns any interest at all). the speed should be expressed as a decimal, so variety like 3% would be used as 0.03.
  • Compounding frequency (n). Ask a lending official at the bank how often the bank compounds interest per annum .

Calculating APY supported Actual Savings

Collect information about your savings. differently to calculate the APY is to figure backward from your actual savings, to work out the speed that you simply earned. To perform this calculation, you would like the subsequent information:

  • Interest. this is often the quantity of interest that you simply earned over a specified period of your time . you’ll need good bank records or a periodic bank report back to get this number.
  • Principal. this is often the quantity of cash that you simply held in your account to earn the interest. If the quantity of principal changes over time, you’ll got to perform separate calculations for every period of time that the principal is constant, and add them together.
  • Days. this is often the amount of days that the Principal remained within the account when the interest accrued.

Using a web APY Calculator

Search the web . While the calculations for APY aren’t too difficult, you’ll simplify the work even more by using an APY calculator online. Many banks or other websites offer this easy service. Run an enquiry for “APY calculator,” and you ought to find what you would like . The calculation is standard, so you’ll want to settle on one that features a style and presentation that you simply can read easily.

take care to read the calculator site carefully. Some offer to assist you calculate APY, while others offer to calculate your savings after you enter the APY. Either is ok , as long as you recognize what you’re using. this text focuses on calculating the APY itself.


  • While it’s going to be interesting to calculate APY as summarized during this article, banks will readily offer you the knowledge if you ask. they’re required by the federal Truth in Lending Act to supply that information.
How to Calculate APY on a Bank Savings Account

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