How To Calculate Debt Payments

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Consumers curious about removing a loan might need to work out the quantity of the monthly payments supported the loan principal, the rate of interest offered, and therefore the length of your time given to repay the loan. This information are often helpful in determining what loan terms are often accommodated supported a person’s personal budget constraints.

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How does one calculate a loan payment?

The first step to calculating your monthly payment actually involves no math in the least — it’s identifying your loan type, which can determine your loan payment schedule.

  • Yes, before you begin digging into the numbers, it’s important to first know what quite loan you’re getting — an interest-only loan or amortized loan. Once you recognize , you’ll then be ready to find out the kinds of loan payment calculations you’ll got to make.

Use a Spreadsheet to Calculate Debt Payments

Calculate the monthly rate of interest . you would like the monthly rate of interest because your payments are on a monthly basis but the rate of interest is on an annual basis. The monthly rate of interest is calculated by simply dividing the annual rate of interest divided by 12. for instance , if the annual rate of interest is 3.5 percent, then the monthly rate of interest is .2917 percent.

  • Your rate of interest will need to be entered in decimal form. to urge this, divide the percent form (0.2917) by 100. this provides 0.002917.

Use the payment function to calculate the payment

You’ll connect the principal, rate, and number of months into the payment function. Consult the documentation for your spreadsheet software to work out exactly the way to connect those numbers.

  • Once you’ve plugged within the numbers, the resulting value are going to be the payment. If you employ the numbers mentioned above, the payment value should be $219.77.
  • Using Microsoft Excel, you’ll use the PMT function. the primary value within the function is that the rate, the second value is that the number of months, and therefore the third value is that the principal of the loan. For this instance , the PMT function during this case seems like this: =PMT(0.002917,36,7500).


  • Do an online look for “loan payment calculator” to seek out an extended list of internet sites offering this service freed from charge.
How To Calculate Debt Payments

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