How To Calculate FTE

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FTE stands for complete-time equal, and it represents the range of operating hours that one complete-time worker completes throughout a hard and fast time period, which include one month or one year. FTE converts workload hours into the range of human beings required to finish that paintings, which could assist to simplify scheduling. FTE additionally enables finances analysts and task managers to estimate the fee of labor. Managers can also advantage from searching at FTE to decide if time beyond regulation prices are making it profitable to open up a brand new complete-time or part-time position.

What is Full Time Equivalent (FTE)?


Full Time Equivalent (FTE) refers back to the unit of size equal to an individual – employee or pupil – one unit of a piece or faculty day, relevant in quite a few contexts. In maximum cases, complete time equivalents degree a worker or pupil and/or their workload.

FTEs with inside the Workplace

FTEs are maximum extensively utilized by organizations to decide their personnel’ workload, with the attitude of looking to decide what number of part-time personnel and the hours they paintings upload, as much as the equal range of hours labored via way of means of complete-time personnel. It is important for accounting functions and figuring out wages, and for calculating the organization’s charges while paying its workers.

Using Online FTE Calculators

Locate a web FTE calculator. These online gear let you virtually input with inside the range of complete-time personnel you’ve got and the hours labored each week via way of means of part-time personnel. Then the net device will do the calculating as a way to come up with an envisioned FTE price. Reputable calculators may be observed at

Obtaining and Using Professional FTE Calculations

Pay a tax expert to calculate your organization’s FTE for you. Calculating FTE is an essential component which you want to make certain receives finished correctly. If you are making a mistake for your calculations, it could negatively affect many elements of your enterprise such as awaiting profits, taxes, and different issues. So in case you don’t experience assured for your cap potential to calculate your enterprise’s FTE perfectly, pay an accountant with enjoy on this discipline to do it for you.

Use FTE to calculate pupil enrollment

FTE is likewise used to mean “complete time equal enrollment” and is utilized by universities and different academic establishments comparably to song enrollment of complete and part-time college students. Rather than paintings hours, magnificence hours are used, with complete-time college students being people with a complete credit score load (regularly 12 hours in step with a week) and part-time college students being the ones taking fewer than 12. However, different faculties might also additionally use exceptional credit score hour calculations for FTE.


  • FTEs do now no longer imply the range of personnel. The price of an FTE is steady over time, besides, while the organization modifies its everyday staffing pattern.
How To Calculate FTE

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