How To Calculate Takt Time In Production Process

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Knowing Takt time lets you estimate your provider transport system and system/software program outcome. It allows you to attain a consistent, non-stop waft of manufacturing, get rid of the waste of overproduction via way of means of generating to real client demands, and increase standardized paintings instructions (therefore selling first-class and efficiency). More importantly, Takt time permits you to set actual time goals for manufacturing that display the group of workers precisely in which to attention their output efforts. To calculate Takt time, virtually divide you to be had time via way of means of the charge of client call for.

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What is the Definition of Takt Time?

takt time

Takt time is the quantity of time a producer has in keeping with unit to provide sufficient items to meet client call for.

Mike Rother, writer of Toyota Kata, is going a step similarly via way of means of defining takt time as the “Rate of client call for the group, or family, of merchandise produced via way of means of one system”, most usually at “assembly-kind tactics that serve outside clients.”

To calculate takt time as we are able to give an explanation for in extra in-intensity with inside the subsequent section, “divide the powerful running time of a system (for example, in keeping with shift or day) via way of means of the amount of gadgets clients require from the system in that point period,” Rother explains.

Understand what Takt time is

Takt time is the tempo of manufacturing (E.g. in manufacturing one piece each minute) that aligns manufacturing with client call for.

  • In easy terms, it’s far how speedy you want to fabricate merchandise so that it will fill your client call for.
  • Takt time calculation=Available time / client call for. For example, if a client calls for a hundred bulbs a day, the Takt time is eight hrs /a hundred.
  • Eight hrs is the operating time for your nine hours operating day (so that you want to exclude your breaks, conferences etc.) to say the to be had time(numerator).
  • This way, a bulb to be finished each 4.eight minutes.


  • Producing quicker than Takt time outcomes in “overproduction” – the maximum essential waste.
  • Producing slower than Takt time outcomes in bottlenecks, i.e. “waiting”.

How To Calculate Takt Time In Production Process

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