How To Cancel A Western Union Money Transfer

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You’ve successfully sent a money transfer using Western Union, and now you would like to cancel your transaction? Some simple steps are helpful in doing so.

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How to Request a Western Union Refund On my very own

If you’re brooding about handling the matter yourself, you’ll request a Western Union refund:

  • Online
  • face to face
  • By phone

Gathering Information

Determine why you would like to cancel your transfer. Western Union will want to understand the rationale for the requested cancellation, so be prepared to supply this information.

If you think that you simply are a victim of fraud, immediately call your customer service number (number found on your national Western Union website). this may make sure that your money can’t be picked up and can be made available for you to receive as a full refund of principal send amount and charges.

Completing the Cancellation

Receive your refund. you’ll now receive your refund in cash or credited to your bank or mastercard account.

  • If you’re visiting a sending agency, simply await the agent to call one among the Western Union offices, wait a couple of minutes then collect your money in cash. Refund requests made on an equivalent day will always include the fees also because the principal send amount. However, if your refund request isn’t made on an equivalent day you’ll lose the fees (unless there was a mistake on Western Union’s side otherwise you were a victim of fraud, during which case you’ll receive a full refund).
  • If you contacted Western Union via email, you’ll receive a confirmation email once your request has been processed.


  • Keeping the “to send” money form is that the easiest method to verify a transaction when making changes or cancelling a transaction sent from workplace .
  • Money transfers are often changed (receiver name and payout country) a maximum of twice before they have to be cancelled. it’s going to be worthwhile to possess your money transfer adjusted instead of refunded if the error is merely marginal.
  • Always keep your MTCN number handy, as it is the easiest method to seek out or make changes to a money transfer.
  • Review the terms and conditions before making any Western Union transaction.


  • Western Union services aren’t designed for the acquisition of any products. Western Union doesn’t offer any sort of payment protection and is supposed just for the fast transfer of of funds to people you recognize . As once the cash is paid out, there’s no possibility for a refund, knowing your receiver is your responsibility.
  • Note that you simply won’t be ready to cancel a money transfer if the recipient has already picked up the cash .
How To Cancel A Western Union Money Transfer

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