How to Cash a Check Made Out to Two People

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The rules for cashing a check made out to 2 individuals varies counting on the bank also as how the check was written. Checks made bent either individual using the word “or” are often cashed by either person. If the check was made bent both people using the word “and,” then it’s to be cashed by both parties. It’s important to clarify the principles with the bank first to seek out out what you would like to try to to to make sure the check clears. Then, tackle any roadblocks, like by getting the opposite person’s signature. Most checks are pretty easy to require care of as long as you’re conscious of the bank’s rules.

“And” Checks are often Tricky

Banks need to verify the identity of everyone who signs the rear of a check, “endorsing” it so it are often cashed or deposited. There’s hardly any risk if a check is formed payable to 2 parties and you’re depositing the funds into an account that bears an equivalent two names, but there is a risk that one person will forge the other’s signature and escape with the cash if somebody wants to cash the check.

Does Everyone need to Sign Together?

Some banks require that each one the payees named on a check endorse it together at an equivalent time, ahead of a bank employee. Everyone must show valid identification to prove that they’re permitted to endorse that check. Other banks will accept a check when only one of the payees has an account with them.

  • Banks are especially careful with checks that involve high dollar amounts. One person can often endorse and deposit without the effort of getting everybody together if it’s only for alittle amount, like $5 or $10.

Clearing Checks Written bent Either Person

Check the pay to line for the word “or.” If the payer wrote “or” or “and/or” between the names, then cashing the check won’t be a drag . Banks treat these sorts of checks as payable to either name listed. In most cases, you don’t even need to do anything special to urge the check cashed. Treat it sort of a check made bent one person.

  • If the payer listed the names with none word between them, then it gets a touch more complicated. Generally, banks let either person cash the check, but the principles can vary from place to put .

Handling Checks Written bent Both People

check out the pay to line to ascertain if the names are separated by “and.” If the word “and” is present, then the check belongs to both people listed. you can’t cash this type of check on your own. meaning you’ve got to urge in-tuned with the opposite person listed to rearrange a visit to the bank. There are not any other ways to cash this type of check.

  • take care about trying to cash checks the incorrect way. If it’s specifically made bent both people, expect banks to be vigilant about fraud. They won’t approve the check.

Overcoming Roadblocks

Call the bank if you’ve got any questions. If the check was written during a confusing manner or you are not sure where to cash it, reach bent the bank. Read the teller the knowledge on the “pay to” line to seek out out if the opposite person must be there once you cash the check. Ask what quite proof of identity you would like to bring, as well.

  • you’ll reach bent the bank that drafted the check or the bank you’ve got an account at.


  • Banks have cash-checking rules in situ to avoid fraud and protect themselves from litigation. Smaller banks and credit unions could also be more forgiving, especially if they’re conversant in both names listed on the check.
  • confine mind you can’t deposit a ask someone else’s name thereon unless it’s for your underage child.
  • If your name is spelled incorrectly on a check, sign it with the wrong spelling. Then, sign it a second time with the right spelling.


  • Attempting to cash a check fraudulently can get you into legal trouble. Don’t attempt to trick the bank into accepting a check once you need someone else’s signature thereon .
How to Cash a Check Made Out to Two People

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