How To Cash Money Orders

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Sometimes it’s too risky to send cash, or your recipient wants to possess immediate access to the funds. If you cannot pay employing a debit or mastercard , a postal order may be a cheap and comparatively easy alternative to urge your money where it must go. To cash a postal order , choose the proper location and prove that you simply are the intended recipient of the funds.

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Where to Cash a postal order

Your Bank

Your bank or depository financial institution likely provides this service for free of charge , like once you cash a check. However, you would possibly not be ready to get the complete amount of the cash order immediately. Your bank’s funds availability policy will explain what proportion money, if any, you’ll take immediately, and therefore the remainder of the funds should be available within a couple of business days.

postal order Issuer

If you don’t have a checking account otherwise you can’t get to a branch, try visiting a location of the cash order issuer. The issuer is that the organization that prints and backs the cash order. for instance , you would possibly visit a post office to cash U.S. mail postal order s or a Western Union office to cash a Western Union money order.

Cashing the cash Order

Bring identification. The bank won’t cash the cash order without acceptable proof that you simply are the one that is meant to receive the funds. Your name on the cash order must match the name on your identification exactly.

  • Banks and other companies that cash money orders typically will accept a driver’s licence , passport, or other valid government-issued photo identification.
  • Some banks and check-cashing stores also may request your right thumbprint next to your signature on the cash order.

Getting a postal order

Purchase your postal order . For the corporate or bank to issue a postal order , you will have to pay them the face value of the cash order plus their fees. Different issuers accept different methods of payment.

  • In most cases, your best bet are going to be to buy your postal order with cash, personal cheque , or open-end credit .
  • Some postal order providers accept a mastercard for the acquisition of cash orders, but doing so may end in additional fees from your mastercard company. Only purchase a postal order with a mastercard as a final resort.


  • If you’ve got a postal order from another country, check the currency that it had been issued. you will have a way easier time getting a domestic bank to cash it if it’s payable in domestic currency.
How To Cash Money Orders

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