How To Change An Address On Your Credit Report

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Your credit report contains valuable information pertaining to your history of paying creditors. This is important to you, and you want to form sure that the knowledge contained as a part of your credit report is accurate. If you progress, you’ll get to update your address. Additionally, you’ll note inaccuracies within the address that’s reported, and you’ll get to correct that.

Why would you modify personal information on your credit report?

There are many reasons you’ll get to change the private information contained in one or more of your credit reports. Legal name changes are common thanks to marriage, naturalization and other reasons. Address changes are even more common. In rare instances, people even change their Social Security number thanks to problems like fraud.

Even if everything remains an equivalent for you, personal information on your credit reports could also be incorrect thanks to errors. Your name could also be misspelled, or the report may contain an address where you’ve never lived. It’s important that you simply correct these mistakes in order that your report accurately reflects your information.

Does old personal information affect your credit health?

It’s generally knowing attempt to keep this stuff updated, but not doing so also won’t necessarily impact your credit health. If you’ve recently changed your name, you’ll worry about maintaining the credit history tied to your previous name, but confine mind that your credit is additionally tied to your Social Security number (which should stay the same). Within the same vein, your credit doesn’t need your latest address or employer information to stay chugging along.

Updating an Address once you Move

Notify your creditors first of your move. Two of the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax and Experian, both say that once you move, you would like to notify your creditors, not the credit reporting agency. The agencies will get notice of any address change through the records of the individual creditors.

  • It’s important that you simply notify all of your creditors and every one companies you are doing business with. If you progress, but neglect to notify creditors, then bills and notices could also be delayed, and your payments could also be late as a result.
  • If you would like to be abundantly cautious and send a notice of address change to Equifax or Experian, you’ll do so, albeit they are doing not require such a notice. You are doing not got to worry with any particular “proof” of the new address.

Disputing an Incorrect Address

Determine that a legitimate reason for dispute exists. A change of address thanks to a move isn’t a matter for disputing your credit report. A dispute is that the means for correcting something that’s blatantly incorrect. This might include either an address that you simply never used, or something as simple as a misprint.

For instance, if your correct address is 123 Main Street, but it appears on your credit report as “124 Main Street,” you ought to treat this as disputing a mistake.

Reporting an Unusual Address as Possible Fraud

Mark your calendar for 90 days. The initial fraud alert stays in situ for 90 days. During that point, if you see no other activity that leads you to believe anything fraudulent was occurring, then you’ll just let it drop. If you would like, you’ll renew the alert by calling one among the businesses again and asking to renew it.


  • Whenever you’re corresponding by mail, you ought to keep a replica of whatever letter you send, alongside supporting attachments.
  • You ought to keep a record of the dates of any contacts by telephone or email. You’ll wish to ask this later if you are doing not hear anything from the businesses.
How To Change An Address On Your Credit Report

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