How to Charge Crystals for Healing

Here you can get How to Charge Crystals for Healing. Crystals are dissolved minerals that form a crystalline lattice. Some crystalline compounds can have benefits or impacts to health, like salts.

Crystals are thought to assist healing by rebalancing the body’s electromagnetic field. to form sure that your crystals are ready for a healing session, you’ll got to charge them first. It also helpful to form sure that your crystals are clean which they’re of top quality.

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Rather than using moonlight for cleansing, I like better to work with moon energies as how to charge stones and provides them a soft and delicate boost of feminine energy. Moonlight energies work well for facilitating transitions, like breakups or moving from one home to a different , or for situations where introspection and quiet inward understanding would be helpful. In these cases, i might use moonlight energy to charge my stones.

Each phase of the moon brings different energies to the cleansing and charging of your crystals, so if you’re getting to be working with moon energies it’s important to find out about the respective energies each of the various phases brings. In brief, the complete moon brings waning energy, which is an energy of release because the full-of-the-moon shrinks into the blackness of the new phase of the moon . The new phase of the moon (when the moon can’t be seen and is at the start of its journey to enlarge into a full moon) brings an energy of growth. Each phase’s energies are often then wont to enhance (or charge) the intention you set into your crystal.


In contrast to the gentle, soft, and female energy of moonlight, sunlight is that the masculine counterpart of celestial light energy. Sunlight energy is robust and vibrant. Its energy feeds, strengthens, and moves forward. This makes sunlight’s masculine energy ideal for charging stones. As long as your crystal isn’t sensitive to light and has been cleansed beforehand with another method, you’ll put it within the sun to charge.

Direct sunlight also can be wont to assist in cleansing your stones, in conjunction with the ocean salt and water method described in Chapter 11. Again, as long as your crystals aren’t sensitive to either light or water, you’ll submerge the crystal during a bowl of sea salt and water then place it in bright sunlight. The sun will further energize the cleansing water itself, and because the stone becomes cleansed, the daylight will begin charging the stone.

How much time this takes depends on what proportion sunlight there’s , what quite sunlight it’s , the type of stone you’ve got , and the way much you would like to charge it. This process may take a couple of minutes or tons longer, counting on what your circumstances are and the way much you would like to charge the stone. Simply hold your crystal and intuitively feel if it’s been charged enough for you.


Because solar and lunar eclipses resonate with the energies of dramatic shifts of change, they will be wont to charge stones with this type of energy. Thus, if you are feeling your life has become too stagnant and need for it to vary , you’ll charge your crystals with eclipse energies to start shaking things up in your life and continue a grand adventure of change. While any eclipse energies will initiate shifts, eclipse energies catalyze internal shifts that cause radical changes to happen with yourself, while eclipse energies facilitate external shifts, bringing intense change to outward aspects of your life. If you select to charge a stone with eclipse energies, be prepared for a potentially turbulent but worthwhile ride!

An ideal stone for eclipse charging is obvious quartz. Choose one which will be kept on the brink of your skin, sort of a pocket stone, in order that the energies stay near you as you undergo the method of change. Before the eclipse, go outside, light a candle, and place your cleansed crystal next thereto . As you smudge the crystal with a sacred herb, set the intention of change you would like to manifest. Hold this intention because the eclipse passes over the crystal. Then prepare for a few (eventually) fun experiences.


Sometimes a stone becomes so energetically heavy that it must be returned to Mother Earth for healing and rejuvenation. you’ll bury a stone directly within the earth, otherwise you can elect to bury it during a box for later retrieval. How long it must be buried depends on how heavy the crystal’s energy has become. it’s going to got to be buried for every week , a month, a year, or more, counting on what proportion it must be cleansed.

For example, you’ll find a crystal in an antiques shop or tend a stone that feels energetically heavy or love it has been used or preprogrammed in how . If all other methods of energetic cleansing don’t erase the programming or heaviness of the crystal, you’ll got to bury the stone and provides it back to Mother Earth to be cleansed.

Removing Negative Energy from a Crystal

Purify with salt. Purifying crystals helps to get rid of any negative energy which may have attached itself to your crystals. Some people consider salt to be a metaphysical purification tool. To use salt to purify your crystals, you’ll wash your crystals with salty water, place crystals within a circle of salt, or bury crystals in salt. All of those techniques can help to purify the energy of your crystals.

  • To use saltwater, dissolve a few teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water and place your crystal within the water. Allow the crystal to take a seat within the water for a couple of minutes then remove it from the water, rinse it with non-salty water, then dry it off with a towel.
  • To use a salt circle, lay your crystal on a cloth, plate, or other non-permeable surface. Then take a canister of salt and pour enough out around your crystal to make a circle. Allow your crystal to take a seat within the circle for an hour or more.
  • To bury your crystal in salt, place your crystal into a bowl then pour enough salt over the crystal to hide the crystal completely. Allow the crystal to stay buried within the salt for an hour or more.
  • To cleanse your crystal with the element of æther, place your crystals within the moonlight during a circle of salt to cleanse, charge, and infuse them.

Clean crystals with sound. Sounds, like chanting, humming, singing bowls and bells are thought to purify objects, people and places. By doing one among this stuff , like placing a crystal inside a singing bowl when it’s rung, it’s thought you’ll clean the crystal.

  • If you are doing not have a singing bowl, then you’ll hold your crystal ahead of your mouth and hum or sing loudly. The sound of your voice should penetrate the crystal and help to purify it.

Use smoke. In many disciplines, the smoke that comes from certain plants once they are burned is assumed to possess purifying powers.[12] Sage, Santo Palo and Cedar are all considered to possess these properties. By bathing the crystal with smoke from the burning of those plants, it’s thought that bad energy are going to be removed.

  • Try burning some incense or a sage stick and holding your crystal above the smoke. Allow the smoke to surround your crystal for a couple of minutes to assist purify it.
  • Sometimes bird feathers are wont to fan the smoke. Beware that it’s going to be illegal to have parts of certain birds.
  • Take care when burning plant materials inside. you do not want fire, just smoke. Let it smolder, not burn.

Get some water. Many Catholic churches have water available to people that visit the church. Especially in churches that are tourist attractions, it’s often possible to bring a modestly sized container to fill with water. you’ll then use it to purify your crystal of bad energy.[13] Some tourist-frequented churches even have small gift shops that sell containers for you to use.

  • To use water to purify a crystal, place your crystal into alittle bowl and pour alittle amount of water onto the crystal. you are doing not got to immerse the crystal in water , just pour enough thereon to urge it wet. Then, remove your crystal from the bowl and dry it off.


  • Old feelings and memories may surface when working with crystals. remember of this and protect yourself with a prayer or meditation before your healing session. Allow the emotions to flow, acknowledge them and love yourself through the experience.
  • Keep in mind that crystal healing has been shown to believe the consequence so as to figure .[17] meaning that you simply need to believe that the crystals will add order for them to figure . That also means for a few people and in some situations, they’ll not work on all.
How to Charge Crystals for Healing

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