How To Check A Balance On Green Dot Card

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A Green Dot card may be a prepaid Visa or MasterCard open-end credit almost like a prepaid giftcard. These cards are often personalized together with your name and be used for debit purchases, reloaded with money, and used at ATM machines for withdrawals. Knowing the balance on your prepaid Green Dot card can keep you from being declined when making a transaction. There are several different methods for checking your balance on a Green Dot Card.

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Checking Your Balance Online

Visit Green Dot’s website. This website are often accessed from any computer or mobile device at any time. Checking your balance through this website is free.

  • If you purchased your Green Dot money card through a serious retailer, you’ll also attend the retailer website located on the cardboard to see your balance.
  • If there are problems using the cardboard , you’ll got to return to the shop where you bought it.

Checking Your Balance by Phone

Call Green Dot customer support. the amount for Green Dot customer support is 1-866-795-7597. The menu is given in both English and Spanish. If you’re curious about lecture a live person about your Green Dot account, you’ll experience long wait times.

you’ll get fast access to Green Dot Customer Care specialists by becoming a Green Dot VIP. This costs a further $4.95 per month but you’ll also not pay Green Dot non-MoneyPass ATM fees saving $2.50 per transaction, and if you lose your card they’re going to ship a replacement via Federal Express.

Checking Your Balance via telephone

Visit the mobile browser. Open your cell phone’s browser and visit This website are often accessed any time and anywhere you’ve got mobile internet service.

From this website, you’ll not only view your balance, but also see your transaction history, add money to your card, and locate the closest free ATM.

Using Your Phone

If you cannot check the account balance on your Green Dot card through their website, you’ll roll in the hay on the phone. Contact them on the phone and explain that you simply would really like to see your balance. The customer service representatives will assist you .


  • When checking your Green Dot Card balance, confine mind that not all transactions will post to the balance immediately and in some cases take between 24 to 48 hours.
  • You’ll also found out your Green Dot card for online bill paying and you’ll have your tax refund go on to the cardboard , usually through May of the tax filing year.
How To Check A Balance On Green Dot Card

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