How To Check A Business At The Better Business Bureau

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The Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) may be a non-profit consumer protection agency that operates within the US and Canada. The BBB gathers and compiles information about businesses of all sizes, which it then uses to organize reports on each business. These reports are made available to consumers, with the intent of building a trustworthy businessman . Businesses are given a grade between A+ and F counting on multiple factors that affect their reliability and trustworthiness. Knowing the way to check a business at the higher Business Bureau will allow you to ascertain if any complaints are filed against the business. It’ll also offer you access to the BBB’s report thereon business.

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The 411 on the higher Business Bureau

The BBB may be a nonprofit membership organization with chapters throughout North America that, consistent with its website, are “focused on advancing marketplace trust.” It promotes that mission primarily through two functions: rating businesses supported their reliability and performance, and facilitating the resolution of consumer complaints. The bureau also provides consumer education and offers several programs aimed toward helping businesses adopt best practices.

Dispute Resolution

Another important role of the higher Business Bureau is to act as a facilitator for disputes between consumers and a given business. When browsing a company’s BBB profile online, consumers can click the “File a Complaint” link to start the method . Alternatively, they will write to their local BBB chapter with the relevant details of the case.

Understanding a BBB Report

Check to ascertain if any complaints are filed against the business. Consumers can file official complaints against a business with the BBB, and these complaints (and their status) are available on the “Complaints” tab on the profile page. Complaints are listed for the last three years.

Determining Whether the BBB is Your best choice

Consider using industry-specific sources to see on a corporation . The BBB provides general information about companies, and sometimes the more specific information gets lost within the bigger picture. Take the time to locate more specialised industry-specific sources that review and supply information about businesses. for instance , if you’re checking on a computer parts company, consider watching reviews on, or other sources associated with computers.


  • The BBB may be a nonprofit organization supported by fees from its member organizations. it’s no legal powers aside from publicity and can’t force any business to rectify a complaint. The BBB’s main value to consumers is its’ ability to publicize and track the unfavorable practices of specifically identified businesses.
  • Many, especially small local businesses, aren’t members of the BBB and don’t provide information. Lack of membership by itself shouldn’t be cause for undue alarm.
  • While being a paid member of the BBB isn’t an element within the ratings consistent with the BBB, there are complaints that non-members don’t receive the high many paid business members.
  • Anyone can file a complaint and a review – whether or justified or not. Consider carefully before placing an excessive amount of reliance on any single complaint or customer review.


  • You’ll compare the reports of comparable businesses through the BBB website. Just look for a general term like “plumbers” to ascertain an inventory of all plumbing businesses within the area specified.
How To Check A Business At The Better Business Bureau

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