How To Check If A 1 Dollar Bill Is Real

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One dollar bills generally are not counterfeited due to their low value, and you almost certainly will never encounter one. However, there are cases of it happening. While a 1 dollar doesn’t have the maximum amount of security measures as other bills, it does still have some. This wikiHow will teach you ways to see if a 1 dollar is real or not.

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Look at the small print within the bill’s portrait

If the bill is real, the eyes should be lifelike and therefore the countenance should stand out clearly from the background.

Feeling the Bill

Feel the paper. US currency generally features a distinct feel that’s not replicated in lower quality counterfeiting. The paper should feel rough to the touch.

Real money is more durable than regular paper, and it should feel crisp with age, unlike regular paper, which can feel soft.

Looking at the Bill

Look closely at the bill. Low-quality counterfeits often aren’t getting all the small print right. Giving the bill an honest look might just reveal that it’s fake. If something looks off, then the bill is perhaps a fake.

  • Comparing the bill in question to a known good one dollar might assist you spot anything off.
  • Look closely at the borders and therefore the portrait. The borders on a true bill are going to be sharp and unbroken. Search for any bleeding or blurriness. On real bills, there’ll be no ink bleed, and therefore the bill will have very fine details.

Reporting Counterfeit Money

Remember the customer. If possible, delay whoever gave you the counterfeit money in order that you’ll remember the maximum amount of that person’s appearance as possible. Note of any accomplices or companions. Write down their car place number, if applicable.

  • Remember that the one that gave you the counterfeit bill won’t be the first counterfeiter. They could be an innocent one that thought the bill was real.

Give the bill to the authorities

Confirm to only give the bill to a policeman or U.S. United States Secret Service agent. When asked, give them the maximum amount of information as possible about the bill.

  • You’ll not be financially reimbursed for the counterfeit money. This is often to stop individuals from receiving money for free of charge, simply because they counterfeited money.


  • Most of those steps are overkill for one dollar bills. They’re rarely counterfeited, and if you’re employed during a store, it’ll probably annoy most customers if you check one dollar bills with a magnifier. Looking closely for a second or two should be enough.
  • If you’ve got heard on the local news, or from your friends, that there are counterfeit one dollar bills circulating nearby, then you would possibly want to use more scrutiny to any that you simply receive.


  • Don’t create counterfeit money. It’s illegal to possess, produce, or use counterfeit money; if a prosecutor can prove that you simply planned to use the cash, then you’ll be punished with a fine and up to twenty years in prison.
How To Check If A 1 Dollar Bill Is Real

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