How to Check if a 100 Dollar Bill Is Real

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The U.S. Treasury uses many security features to prevent counterfeiting. They have to: almost nine million dollars in counterfeit bills are in circulation within the U.S. About every decade, the U.S. $100 bill is redesigned, therefore the features you check for will depend upon the date the bill was issued. Series 2009 bills and later have more security measures to see. The U.S. $100 bill features Benjamin Franklin’s portrait on the front and Independence Hall on the rear.

Checking Newer Bills

Look at the serial numbers. The serial number should correspond to the series. The serial number appears within the upper left and lower right corners. If the serial number doesn’t correspond to the series, then you’re handling a counterfeit.

  • If the bill is series 2009, then the serial number should begin with J.
  • If the bill is series 2009A, then the serial number should begin with L.

Use a hand glass to seek out the microprint

Check around Franklin’s jacket collar. You ought to see the words “The US of America” in small type.

  • you ought to also see “USA 100” round the white space that contains the portrait.
  • The words “100 USA” should also appear round the quill to the proper of Franklin.

Checking Older Bills

Check the date. The most recent $100 bills are “Series 2009” bills, and that they have many various security measures. Older bills are being phased out of circulation to stop counterfeiters from fooling people. Nevertheless, older bills are still tender, so if you get one you shouldn’t automatically assume it’s fake. Check the date on the bill.

The typical $100 bill stay in circulation for seven years. Accordingly, most of the older bills should be out of circulation by now. Nevertheless, you would possibly have one or more stored reception that you simply want to see.

Compare it with another bill

No special security measures were used on $100 bills printed before 1990. Accordingly, the simplest thanks to check its authenticity is to match it to a different $100. You would possibly need to attend a bank to see if the bill is authentic.

You’ll also visit the U.S. Currency website and find images of older $100 bills.

Reporting Counterfeit Bills

Handle the bill sparingly. You’ll get to hand it over to the police, who could be ready to pull fingerprints off the bill. For this reason, touch the fake $100 as little as possible. Store it in an envelope in your register.

Remember to not put it in with the opposite bills. Instead, mark your envelope “counterfeit” in order that you’ll find it quickly.

Call the police. You’ll find the amount in your phonebook

Tell them you’ve got a counterfeit $100 bill and provides them your location. They’re going to tell you what to try to do next. Generally, the police will contact the key Service to research.

You’ll also call the key Service directly, if you would like. You’ll find your local office at this website: Enter your postcode.

Hand over the counterfeit bill

Only turn the bill over to an identified policeman or United States Secret Service agent. If you give the bill to the key Service, you’ll get to complete a Counterfeit Note Report for every bill.

How to Check if a 100 Dollar Bill Is Real

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