How To Check Your Account Balance On A Virgin Mobile Phone

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As a Virgin Mobile customer, you’ll check your account balance at any time to verify the quantity of prepaid funds you’ve got remaining on your phone plan. Whether you would like to see your balance on the go or sitting on your computer reception , Virgin Mobile has you covered. You’ll check your account balance online at Mary Mobile website, or access your account directly from your mobile during a sort of ways.

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Checking Your Balance employing a Computer

View your balance. Click on “Account” and choose “Account Overview” from the side menu bar. Your accounting balance are going to be displayed at the highest of your session slightly below the highest menu bar.

This system works for Pay as You Go, Monthly Plans, Broadband2Go, and Assurance Wireless. If you’re employing a Virgin Mobile Custom account there’ll be a link above the first log in screen that indicates you ought to go online elsewhere.

Checking Your Balance Using Your Phone

Call Virgin Mobile. to see your balance on the go you’ll always call the amount 225. the amount will answer and you’ll hear an automatic message telling you your account balance and your expiry date if you’re on a Pay as You Go plan.

You’ve got to dial the amount using your personal Virgin mobile . The balance stated on the recording will reflect the balance for the amount you’re dialing from.
Remember that every call costs twenty cents.

Speak with a representative

If you’re having troubles checking your balance you would possibly want to talk with a true person over the phone. Dial Virgin Mobile customer service at 1-888-322-1122 between the hours of 4 a.m. and 8 p.m. PST Monday through Friday, or between 4 a.m. and 7 p.m. PST Saturday through Sunday.

  • You’ll also dial *611 directly from your Virgin mobile if you’ve got a Virgin Mobile Custom account.
  • Once you’re connected, hear and follow the prompts provided by Mary Mobile automated system to succeed in a live representative who focuses on billing and account management. The representative will assist you with checking your accounting balance.


  • You’ll get to confirm you phone has cell service if you’re trying to call a Customer Service Representative.
  • Don’t text or call posing for your balance too often or the twenty cent fee will start to feature up.
How To Check Your Account Balance On A Virgin Mobile Phone

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