How To Check Your Bank Balance In Online

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You probably make most of your financial transactions electronically, which makes it hard to track your spending. Fortunately, your bank keeps a record of all of your transactions for you, so all you need to do is check your balance. the easiest way to monitor your bank balance is to use online banking through your bank’s website or app.

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How to check my account balance?

To check your checking account balance, you want to confine mind the subsequent things.

  • Firstly, your mobile number should be registered with the bank.
  • The mobile number should move to receive and send SMS and call.
  • Having a smartphone is preferable. the rationale is, with a lively internet connection, you’ll use different apps like banking apps or UPI apps.
  • you ought to even have your ATM or open-end credit activated together with your checking account
  • Also, internet banking should be activated by your bank.

Keeping this stuff in place, you’ll check your checking account balance anywhere and anytime. the varied ways to see checking account balance are as follows:

1. SMS

One of the quickest ways to see your account balance is by sending a text message. You don’t need to log in on an internet site , nor does one need a smartphone for it. Most of the banks provide this facility to the account holders. Once the bank extends this facility, you’ll request a fast balance update anytime. The account balance details are received within the sort of a text message. the automated message alerts should get on . you’ll receive instant notifications whenever there’s a financial transaction happening on your account. Also, you’ll receive the newest balance update. This facility provided by banks is named message alert service. This sends push notifications to your phone.

2. Passbook

Usually, banks issue passbooks to everyone on account opening. The passbook contains information about all the transactions in your account. to see your account balance, you’ll open your passbook. you’ll see the list of all debit and credit transactions. Hence, it’s essential to stay your passbook updated whenever . However, to update your passbook, you would like to go to the bank whenever .

3. Using Online Banking

Create an account using your account information if you do not have one. Click on the link that says “create an account” or “register.” Then, fill altogether of the boxes to make an account. You’ll likely got to enter your account number, routing or sorting number, name, date of birth, and email address. Additionally, you’ll create a user name and password.

  • If you don’t see a link to make an account, select “log in” and appearance for “create an account” below the log in boxes.
  • If you have already got a web banking account, skip this step and log in to your existing account.
  • Some banks may require you to call or visit a bank branch to start online banking.

4. Going to an ATM

Find an ATM in-person or using your phone. you’ll usually check your balance at any ATM, albeit it’s not owned by your bank. search for an ATM at local bank branches, grocery stores, gas stations, and a few retail locations. At the bank, there should be an outdoor ATM that’s available 24 hours each day and an indoor ATM that’s available during business hours. At other locations, they’re typically located in either the front or the rear of the shop .

  • Many banks have a drive-up ATM that you simply can use without getting out of your car.
  • It’s best to use ATMs that are indoors because they’re less likely to be tampered with by thieves. However, it’s usually safe to use outdoor ATMs, so don’t worry if that’s your only option.

5. Visiting the Bank

Get a receipt from the teller, which can show your balance. The teller may print out a receipt for you, but they could just write out your balance. Take the receipt with you once you leave.

The receipt may have your account information thereon , so don’t just leave it at the bank.


  • It’s best to stay track of your credits and debits so you’ll verify your bank balance. Write down all of the cash you deposit and subtract the cash you spend.


  • confirm you’re protecting your checking account information in order that nobody can steal it. Only log into your account on a secure device and conceal your personal identification number while you’re using an ATM.
How To Check Your Bank Balance In Online

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