How To Choose An Online Bank

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Who has the time to travel to the bank anymore? With today’s modern technology, banking online has never been easier or safer . Online banking isn’t just convenient. Because they don’t have as many overhead costs as traditional brick-and-mortar banks, online banks offers better interest rates and lower fees. With numerous options to settle on from, you’ll be wondering where to start . to not worry. Choosing a web bank is really pretty easy if you recognize what to seem for.

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Make sure the bank is FDIC insured?

It looks like a clear question and something you would possibly deem granted if you walk into a branch to open a replacement account, but you would like to form sure your money is protected if the bank fails. Albeit the location has the FDIC logo, attend the agency’s website and verify its compliance. “Name recognition shouldn’t be an element as long because the bank is FDIC insured,” says Richard Barrington, personal finance analyst for Money Rates. “After all, a number of the most important names in banking had the most important problems in 2008.”

Check the institution’s stability

Albeit you’re protected by FDIC insurance, you don’t want the headache of watching your bank fail. determine how large the bank’s asset base is and the way long they’ve been in business. If the bank is publicly traded, you’ll check its stock price and skim its financial reports. While these attributes aren’t foolproof measures of monetary stability, a tiny or new institution are often more susceptible to economic turbulence.

Flexibility and Convenience

Check for an easy-to-use web or app interface. If you propose to use your smartphone or tablet to access your checking account , determine if the bank has an app that’s easy to navigate and use. Visit the bank’s website and explore around thereon to seek out out how easy it’s to seek out things if you would like them.

  • Read reviews about the bank’s app to ascertain what people are saying about it.
  • As an example , if you propose to see your deposit statements and transfer money between accounts, locate the features on the web site to form sure they’re easy to seek out .

Rates and costs

Watch out for teaser rates and rates with low returns. When you’re comparing interest rates, especially on deposits, keep an eye fixed out for teaser rates that are temporary also as rates that only apply to a part of your balance. Additionally, be careful with banks that boast a high return on CDs and deposits, which just about all banks offer and usually offer small returns anyway.

  • Be mindful of selling strategies that attempt to fool you into thinking you’re getting a far better deal.


  • Try asking friends or relatives that use online banks what they recommend.
  • Take some time and really go searching before you create your decision. You would like to form sure you actually trust the bank you select together with your money.


  • Never give out any personal financial information online unless it’s through a secure connection.
How To Choose An Online Bank

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