How To Close A Joint Bank Account

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Closing a joint bank account might sound tricky, but it’s not that different from closing a sole checking account . Before you shut your account, confirm you and therefore the other account holder have transferred all of your banking to a replacement account. Then, you’ll got to transfer or withdraw all of your funds. Finally, you or your partner can close the account. As an alternate , you’ll convert your account back to a sole account by beginning the opposite person’s name.

Reasons to shut a Joint checking account

Terminating a shared account is sensible if you’ve got an unresponsive or uncooperative co-owner on the account, or just not need it (your banking needs changed or the connection ended, for example). In these scenarios, it’s going to be tempting to go away an account open and stop using it. But closing your joint account as soon as possible can protect you in several ways:

1. Open a replacement account before closing the old one

Remember the adage that “whenever one door closes, another one opens”? to urge through the breakup as a few or as close friends or relatives, make alittle adjustment thereto saying for your money: Before one checking account closes, another one should already be open.

  • If you don’t have a separate checking or bank account in your name, compare high-yield savings accounts and checking accounts where you’ll be ready to transfer your portion of the cash .

2. Divide the assets

You’re getting to got to find out what money is rightfully yours if you share the account together with your spouse and you’re filing for divorce. While you’ll hope the separation are going to be smooth, ending a relationship often requires legal assistance to assist determine who gets what. John Kay, an Illinois-based family law attorney at Hurst, Robin and Kay, says that “funds held in any sort of joint account are presumptively ‘marital property’ subject to equitable distribution.”

3. Prevent Penalties

Closing a joint checking account prevents the co-owner from using the account irresponsibly and incurring overdraft and other fees. If you allow the account, the co-owner could attempt to spend money in more than the balance. If the bank pays the transaction on your behalf, the account balance will go negative and you’ll incur an overdraft fee. You’ll need to bring the account balance to zero to shut the account.

4. Withdrawing or Transferring Your Account Balance

Wait 30-45 days after fixing your new account to permit old debts to clear. Monitor your account during this point to observe for unexpected charges. This protects you from accidentally bouncing checks. Similarly, it’ll avoid a missed payment if you forgot to transfer an autopay bill.

  • If you’re worried the opposite account holder goes to require your money, you would possibly decide it’s better to travel ahead and withdraw your funds. Choose the simplest decision for your situation so you face the smallest amount amount of risk.
  • If you’re browsing a divorce, you’ll request an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO) from the court to guard the account from your partner, if necessary.

5. Check the remaining balance in your joint checking account

Any money within the account will belong to all or any of the joint account holders, unless a writ says otherwise. The account balance will got to be $0 before the bank allows you to shut the account.

  • If you’ve got a balance, you and your partner will got to withdraw or transfer your funds. you’ll do that once you attend close the account if you visit the bank together.
  • If your account is overdrawn, meaning it’s within the negative, you or your partner will got to pay the funds owed to the bank before you’ll close the account.

6. Completing the Closure

Fill out your bank’s form for closing an account. A bank representative will provide the shape to you at your local branch. Provide all of the specified information, then sign your name before returning the shape to the representative.

  • the shape should only take a couple of minutes to finish .
  • If you’ve got any questions on the shape , the representative are going to be there to assist you.

7. Taking a reputation Off a Joint Account

Check whether you’re the first account holder. this suggests you’re the most account holder, which usually only happens if you added someone to your existing account or put all of the cash into the account. Call the bank and ask a representative if you’re the first account holder. As an alternative choice , it’s going to be listed in your online banking profile or on your bank statements.

  • If you’re the first account holder, you’ll take the opposite person off the account without their permission.
  • Most joint bank accounts are mutually shared, so you’re likely not getting to be listed as a primary account holder.


  • After you turn all of your bills over to your new account, monitor your billing accounts to form sure the payments are browsing . this may make sure that you don’t accidentally miss a payment due to the switch.


  • Any money during a joint account belongs to every person on the account. If you and therefore the other account holder are not any longer together, it’s not okay to require all of the cash for yourself unless you’ve been given permission or received it during a court judgement.
How To Close A Joint Bank Account

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