How To Close A Rewards Account

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Rewards accounts are often a handy way of earning some return on your spending, but you’ll not need or want your account. These can sometimes be tricky to shut, especially if the account is attached to a mastercard . In most cases, it should not be difficult to deactivate the account online. During a few cases, it’s going to be easiest to cancel the account at a brick and mortar store. Should neither of these techniques work, troubleshooting your particular situation with online resources, customer service lines, and so on, could lead on to the answer for your problem.

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Deactivating Your Account Online

Navigate to the corporate homepage of your account. Open your browser and attend the homepage of the corporate with which you’ve got a rewards account. If you do not know the homepage address, do a keyword look for the name of the corporate , then click on the company’s homepage.

  • Frequently you’ll find the issuing company’s web address on the rewards account card or together with your awards account signup information.
  • If you discover the the online address for the rewards account homepage on a rewards card or with the rewards account information, navigate to the present , then still deactivate the account.

Call your bank

After you paid off your balance and redeemed any rewards, it’s time to start out the cancellation process. Call the amount on the rear of your mastercard to talk to a representative.

  • Before you ask to shut your account, countercheck that there’s no balance. If you were carrying a balance from month to month, there could also be residual interest, which accrues within the time between when your bill was sent and when your payment was made.

Canceling Your Account at a Brick and Mortar Store

Attend the brick and mortar store where you’ve got an account. Not all brick and mortar stores will have customer service representatives who can assist you close your rewards account. To make sure you’ll be helped, prioritize brick and mortar stores that have a customer service department/center.

Smaller chains and mom-and-pop stores won’t have a customer service department on-site. during this case, speak with a manager, or ask a manager who you ought to speak to about closing your awards account.

Troubleshooting Rewards Account Deactivation

Search online for a walkthrough or guide. Some companies make it unnecessarily difficult to shut your card. for instance , though rare, some cases require a physical letter to be sent to cancel an account. In situations with special circumstances like this, a web walkthrough or guide is simply the thing to assist you shut the account.

  • To seek out walkthroughs or guides, do a web keyword look for something like “how to cancel [Issuing Company]’s rewards.”


  • Make certain you employ your rewards points before closing your account. Otherwise, all the points you’ve accumulated will likely be forfeit.
How To Close A Rewards Account

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