How To Collect Money From A Bad Check

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Most check writers don’t shall write bad checks, but everyone makes mistakes now then . While it’s nice to think that collecting on a nasty check is as easy as calling the check writer, one call might not resolve every incident. Understanding the way to collect money from a nasty check and when to escalate collection efforts will assist you confidently handle this unpleasant and somewhat embarrassing task.

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Collecting on a nasty Check

Contact the check writer directly as soon as a check is returned to you. While most large companies will run bad checks back through the bank a second time, you almost certainly don’t need to incur multiple bank charges for an equivalent check if you’re alittle business owner or simply a private or organization who is that the recipient of a nasty check. Contact the person by phone and follow up with an email if you’ve got their address.

Call Your Customer

Not every bad cheque comes from a nasty person. In 2016, American consumers paid $15 billion in fees for bounced checks and overdrafts, often unintentionally. It could alright are an honest mistake. Call your customer before you’re taking more drastic action to gather on a nasty check. As politely as possible, ask how he or she would really like to pay–via mastercard over the phone, or in cash ASAP.

Send a licensed Letter

If you can’t reach the customer, send a licensed letter asking nicely but firmly that the debt be paid within a particular time-frame . confirm to request a return receipt from the carrier and keep copies of both the letter and therefore the receipt for your records.

This establishes a written record documenting the difficulty . It also fulfills the rule some states have requiring you to offer the recipient a group number of days’ notice to pay the debt before you’ll sue in small claims court. Sending a written demand may even allow you to gather extra damages if you are doing find yourself pursuing action .

Avoiding Bad Checks

Post your bad cheque policy. Your policy and therefore the fee you charge for bad checks should be posted somewhere in your home of business where it’s easily seen by your customers. this is often usually near your register . Also include it during a section of a customer contract and on your website.


  • If your case isn’t resolved in two or three years, you’ll just need to write it off as a business loss. this is often the statute of limitations for bad checks in most states.
How To Collect Money From A Bad Check

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