How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Laptop

The connection between Bluetooth Speaker and a computer may be a little harder than on a smartphone, but in most cases, it’s done quickly.

Of course, you ought to first confirm that your PC or Laptop features a Bluetooth receiver in the least .

If not, you don’t need to buy a replacement computer immediately but can upgrade the Bluetooth function employing a USB dongle.

When making a replacement purchase, confirm that the USB stick supports a minimum of Bluetooth 4.0.

How to connect your Bluetooth Speaker on Windows 7 & 10

  1. Open the Bluetooth Settings
    We will first show a fast thanks to connect Bluetooth devices to Windows 10.

This will lead you to the new Windows 10 settings.

Call this up and switch to the “Devices -> Bluetooth” submenu.

If necessary, set the “Bluetooth” setting from “Off” to “On” to activate the Bluetooth module.

2. Put your Device in Pairing Mode

If you would like that Windows 10 can see your Bluetooth headphones or speakers, you’ve got to place them in pairing mode.

You can determine the way to do that within the individual instructions.

Most of the time, you’ve got to carry down a button for a minimum of 5 seconds to start out Bluetooth pairing.

3. Connect your Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers

After a couple of seconds, the headphones or Bluetooth Speaker should appear within the list of obtainable Bluetooth devices with the message “Ready to pair”.

Now click on “Pair” to determine the connection.

Now you’ll hear the PC sound through your Bluetooth device.

  1. No sound with Bluetooth connection?

You have connected your Bluetooth headphones but cannot hear anything?
Then you’ve got to inform Windows 10 that it’s the new standard device.
This is especially the case if you’ve got connected speakers via HDMI or jack additionally to the Bluetooth audio device. to vary that, you’ve got to open the Windows 10 audio menu.

To do this, right-click on the speaker icon within the taskbar then select “Sounds”.

5. found out the default audio device in Windows 10

In the menu that opens, you’re trying to find Bluetooth headphones or Speakers that have just been connected.

Click thereon with the proper push button and “Select as default”.

Windows now output the sound on this device.

In the same way, you’ll switch back to other boxes at any time later.

6. Remove the connected Bluetooth device

As long as a Bluetooth audio device is paired together with your Windows 10 PC, it’ll connect automatically as soon because it is nearby.

If you not want this, you’ll remove the link.

To do this, click on the device within the Bluetooth menu within the Windows 10 settings then select “Remove device”. From now on, the devices will not connect until you pair them again.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Laptop

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