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You can contact PayPal by phone or e-mail. Either process will be easiest if you log into your PayPal account before beginning, but you’ll still get in touch with customer service even if you are unable or unwilling to do so.

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Contact PayPal by Phone

Log into PayPal. Navigate to the PayPal login page and enter your username and password. Hit the “Log In” button to sign in to your account and be redirected to your Account Summary page.

If you’ve got a PayPal account, logging into your account is strongly recommended since it should provide you with help quicker. You’ll still contact PayPal by phone if you’re not logged in or if you are doing not have an account, however.

Contact PayPal by E-mail employing a Log-In

Log into PayPal. Visit the PayPal login page. Enter your username and password, then click the “Log In” button to sign in to your account and attend your Account Summary page.

Logging into your account is strongly recommended when possible. If you are doing not have an account or are having difficulties logging into it, review the “Contact PayPal by E-Mail Without employing a Log-In” section of this text to seek out the way to contact PayPal by e-mail without signing in.

Contact PayPal by E-Mail Without employing a Log-In

Attend the guest contact form. If you’re unable to log into your PayPal account or would otherwise wish to proceed as a guest, click on the “Having problems logging in?” link beneath the “Contact Us As a Guest” header.

  • While you’re technically alleged to use that link as long as you’re unable to sign in to your PayPal account, you’ll still try using it if you do not have an account yet.
  • Note that you simply can also see a link stating “contact Help Center as a guest.” Clicking on this link will show you the assistance Center telephone number, however, and can not redirect you to an e-mail form.

How to contact PayPal by message

  • Log into your account on the PayPal website.
  • On the summary page, scroll down and click on the “Contact us” option that appears within the menu bar running along the rock bottom of the screen. You’ll then be taken to the assistance Center.
  • On the assistance Center screen, scroll to rock bottom and click on “Message us.” Here, you will be prompted to enter your issue during a chat window, and you’ll tend a typical, non-personalized response. If this doesn’t solve your query, however, your message will then be forwarded to a PayPal agent who will respond, generally within an hour.


  • If you receive a suspicious email from a source claiming to be PayPal, forward that e-mail to spoof@paypal.com. The assistance Center will review the contents of the message and allow you to know if it’s real or a scam.
  • Consider checking the commonly asked questions section of PayPal’s Help Center for current articles before sending an e-mail or calling PayPal, especially once you have a comparatively general question. Doing so will usually provide answers faster.
How To Contact PayPal

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