How to Control Chakra

Here you can get How to Control Chakra. Have you ever felt like something was just off and you could not put your finger on why? it’s going to are because your chakras were out of balance.

Chakras were first described in ancient Hindu texts—they’re the centers of energy in your body, and if they’re blocked or overactive, your energy flow are often affected. However, you’ll find that practices like meditation and yoga can assist you control that energy and feel more centered overall.

Where are your main chakras?

There are 7 chakras that run down the middle of your body.
Before you begin trying to regulate your chakras, it helps to possess a basic understanding of where they’re and what all controls. Typically, when you’re studying chakras, they’re described from rock bottom to the highest . They include:

  • Root chakra: Located at your tailbone—associated with the world element and therefore the color red. When you’re controlling this chakra, you’ll feel safe, grounded, and cared for.
  • Sacral chakra: Located slightly below your navel—associated with water and therefore the color orange. When you’re controlling it, you’ll feel creative, playful, and in-tuned together with your sense of desire.
  • coeliac plexus chakra: Found within the center of your torso—associated with fire and therefore the color yellow. When it’s balanced, you’ll feel powerful and motivated.
  • Heart chakra: Found within the center of your chest—linked with air and therefore the color green. once you have control of this chakra, you will be in-tuned with feelings like love, empathy, and connection to others.
  • Throat chakra: Found at the bottom of your throat—associated with space and therefore the color blue. If this chakra is balanced, you’ll desire you are able to simply communicate your thoughts and feelings.
  • pineal eye chakra: The spot between your eyebrows—associated wisely and therefore the color indigo. When you’re controlling this chakra, you’ll desire you are able to channel your intuition, knowledge, and imagination.
  • Crown chakra: Located on the highest of your head—our connection to a better power. The crown chakra is related to the colour violet, and when you’re controlling it, you’ll feel the connection you’ve got to the world and everything that lives thereon.

Where should I start when I’m learning to control my chakras?

Try meditation to urge in-tuned together with your higher self.
Find a quiet place where you’ll sit comfortably, then breathe deeply and specialise in each of your chakras one at a time. As you are doing that, concentrate as to if you are feeling physically or emotionally unbalanced therein area. confine mind that your energy could also be blocked, but you’ll even have an excessive amount of energy concentrated therein area.

  • Visualization, mantras, yoga, sound healing, Reiki, and crystals can all help rebalance this energy if it’s blocked or overactive.
  • Guided meditations are often really helpful when you’re first learning to regulate your chakras. Try checking out something like “chakra balancing guided meditation” on YouTube to urge started.

Visualize each chakra as you’re meditating.
Close your eyes and movie a spinning machine of sunshine coming from your body. Imagine that the sunshine is same color because the chakra. Start together with your root chakra and work your high one at a time, visualizing that the spinning light is in a position to maneuver freely.

  • as an example , you’d imagine that your root chakra may be a deep, strong red shade. As you picture it spinning, imagine releasing anything which may be blocking that energy. Then, move up to your sacral chakra, and so on, until you get to your crown.

How does yoga help you control your chakras?

Yoga could help shift the physical energy in your body.
Yoga typically involves quite just putting your body in several poses—there’s usually a spiritual element where you get in-tuned with different parts of your body. If you are a beginner, join a yoga class where you’ll learn some basic poses which will assist you control your chakras, such as:

  • Root chakra: Cross-legged seat, mountain pose, down dog
  • Sacral chakra: Cat/cow pose, half-circle
  • coeliac plexus chakra: Chair pose, warrior II, forearm plank
  • Heart chakra: Cobra pose, bridge, supported back bend
  • Throat chakra: Fish pose, inclined plank[6]
  • pineal eye chakra: Child’s pose, seated twist, standing together with your hand to your pineal eye
  • Crown chakra: Savasana

Can crystals help you balance your chakras?

Crystals might resonate together with your natural energy.
Some people find that incorporating crystals into their chakra practice makes it easier to channel and balance that energy. Each chakra is related to a special stone: Simply holding the crystal may help, but many of us like better to lie , then place the crystal over the associated energy center.

  • Root chakra: Bloodstone, tiger’s eye, or black tourmaline
  • Sacral chakra: Carnelian, moonstone, coral
  • Solar plexus: Citrine, topaz, calcite
  • Heart chakra: quartz , jade, green tourmaline
  • Throat chakra: lazuli , turquoise, aquamarine, or blue calcite
  • pineal eye chakra: Amethyst, black obsidian, purple fluorite
  • Crown chakra: Amethyst, diamond, clear quartz, selenite

What mantra can help me balance my chakras?

Each chakra has its own mantra.
Using a mantra while you meditate or practice yoga can assist you get in-tuned with the sort of energy that’s channeled by each chakra. you’ll simply repeat the bottom of the mantra, otherwise you can turn it into a press release . as an example , with the guts chakra, you would possibly prefer to simply say, “I love,” otherwise you might say something like, “I love myself; i really like others; i really like the planet .” The mantras are:

  • Root chakra: “I exist”
  • Sacral chakra: “I desire”
  • coeliac plexus chakra: “I control”
  • Heart chakra: “I love”
  • Throat chakra: “I express”
  • pineal eye chakra: “I am the witness”
  • Crown chakra: “I am that I am”

Why do people use tuning forks to control their chakras?

Certain sounds may help balance that energy.
When tones are played at a selected frequency, they’ll resonate with the energy controlled by your chakras. In fact, monks have chanted during their meditations for over 1000 years as how to succeed in a more spiritual state. Similarly, once you play specific tones on a implement , you’ll find it easier to balance your chakras. Some people also use specialized sound bowls. The frequencies of those tones are:[9]

  • Root chakra: 396Hz
  • Sacral chakra: 417Hz
  • coeliac plexus chakra: 528Hz
  • Heart chakra: 639Hz
  • Throat chakra: 741Hz
  • pineal eye chakra: 852Hz
  • Crown Chakra: 963Hz

What is Reiki, and can it help balance my chakras?

Reiki may be a practice that heals you by balancing your energy.
During a Reiki session, the practitioner will hold their hands just above your body, and they’ll channel spiritual energy to assist balance your chakras. you’ll feel a tingling or warm sensation as they adjust your energy—it’s typically very peaceful, and you’ll feel very relaxed afterward.[10]

  • In some cases, the Reiki practitioner may lightly touch you, but they will not apply any pressure—it’s not an equivalent as a massage.

How do you know if your chakras are unbalanced?

You might feel constricted during a certain area if your chakra is blocked.
Think about whether there’s anything you’re really battling right now—are you having trouble expressing yourself in some aspect of your life? It might be thanks to a blocked chakra, meaning you are not ready to send energy out through that channel. Controlling your chakras can help this.[11]

  • If your plexus sacralis is blocked, as an example , you would possibly desire you cannot get in-tuned with what you actually desire in life, otherwise you might desire you are not ready to be creative.
  • If your throat chakra is blocked, you’ll not desire you are able to precise yourself.

You could feel an excessive amount of energy if a chakra is overactive.
While people usually mention blocked chakras, you’ll even be losing an excessive amount of energy in a neighborhood of your life, as well. If there’s anything that’s making you are feeling drained, it’s going to help to place extra effort into controlling the associated chakra.[12]

  • If your heart chakra is overactive, you would possibly put an excessive amount of emphasis on your relationships with others rather than being self-reliant.
  • If your throat chakra is overactive, you would possibly speak an excessive amount of and not listen enough.


  • While you might find some benefit from controlling your chakras, unfortunately, this won’t actually give you powers like the anime character Naruto.
How to Control Chakra

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