How To Create A Network Documentation

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Many community directors forget about community documentation. Reasons? “I do not have time”, “I recognize it’s useful, however I do not know the way to do that”, “Other human beings need to do that”. Practically, there aren’t any networks that paintings flawless. Errors should have extraordinary reasons and will seem any time. You do not need to attain the factor wherein you can not sleep due to the fact you do not apprehend the way to resolve a trouble and customers want to paintings without delays.

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Create a community documentation coverage


A community documentation coverage need to element what elements of a community want to be documented, particularly every server. A documentation coverage additionally communicates to every administrator precisely what’s predicted of them concerning the documentation process.

Document server names, roles and IP addresses

While the statistics protected in a community topology diagram isn’t always, always specific, there’s sure statistics which you need to consist of for every server, although that statistics must be positioned in an appendix. For every server, listing the server’s call, its IP deal with and the function the server performs (area call system, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, mail server, etc.). Keep in thoughts that a server can be assigned a couple of IP addresses or have a couple of community interface cards, so that you need to report that statistics too.

Evaluate your documentation

The ultimate step on this community documentation tick list is to assess your documentation to make certain it is enough for you and your customer’s needs. Think of your community documentation as a vital a part of your catastrophe healing strategy. When the primary draft of your documentation is complete, you should ask your self if it is proper sufficient to assist a person without an earlier expertise of the setup to rebuild the community from scratch with inside the occasion of a catastrophe. If the solution is yes, then you have performed an awesome activity at the documentation.


  • It does not be counted in case you apprehend or now no longer properly how community gadgets paintings together. You can advantage this expertise, little with the aid of using little, operating day with the aid of using day. The critical component is to simply try this effort.
  • In case you manually attempt to problematic a community diagram, you could try this mission step with the aid of using step; in case you are too busy, you could acquire statistics for one tool these days and day after today for different tool and so on;
  • it is critical to apprehend that this isn’t always a mission for one day. If you observed with a view to require an excessive amount of paintings, likely you’ll be discouraged. So as soon as again, little with the aid of using little. Otherwise, you may say what others say: “I do not have time” or “I do not care” and you may deliver up.


  • In fashionable Network Management software program (together with Solar winds, Cisco Prime, HPV, etc.) is right for monitoring, however provide very simple community documentation capabilities. You can also additionally need to check out software program that also can report non-discoverable community elements, upload remarks and documents, collaborate and provide function-primarily based totally get entry to stakeholders outdoor of the Network Operations Center.
  • A community documentation is a mile greater complicated mission than easy drawings presented with the aid of using software program devoted for community management.
How To Create A Network Documentation

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